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The 2018 PEPS Prize for Pedagogical Innovation is awarded to the IMMUNOVA project (Active, interactive and flexible learning in immunology) held by IPBS researchers




For its third edition, the PEPS Prize from the Ministry of Research, Higher Education and Innovation, in the category "Pedagogical Innovation" has been awarded to the project “IMMUNOVA: active, interactive and flexible learning of immunology” led by Prof. Denis Hudrisier (Professor of immunology and researcher at IPBS) and to his project team formed by Prof. Arnaud Labrousse (researcher at IPBS, part of the project’s steering committee), Mrs Sofia Vayas Pedersen (student) and Mrs Sarah Faucon (civil service volunteer). The prize distinguishes a teaching of immunology dedicated to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) level students from the University of Toulouse. The IMMUNOVA project is composed of two axes: the first is the strong use of digital resources allowing the students to prepare themselves before and after the face-to-face sessions (also available online), which provides greater flexibility and learning autonomy for all students, especially those who cannot attend classes according to established schedules; for the second axis, the students are offered to conduct team projects in immunology according to different approaches (e.g., digital resource generation, interviews with researchers, 3D printing of proteins in FabLabs, conception of serious games). These projects are very useful not only to educate the concerned students about immunology, but are also to reach other student populations, the general public and young patients with immune deficiencies as part of a therapeutic education program for patients (currently in progress). Over the last five years, more than 1,000 students have benefited from this training tool, resulting in more than 100 projects. The supervision of the projects both scientifically and technically is achieved through the participation of PhD students and civil service volunteers. This program develops the student motivation and empowerment for immunology learning and promotes the acquisition of transversal skills.

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