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Dr. Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo - Nucleolar stress as a driver of cancer (and a vulnerability)


Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo

Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, Spain

Nucleolar stress as a driver of cancer (and a vulnerability)

Alterations in nucleoli have been associated to cancer since the earliest microscopic studies on cancer samples. In addition, mutations in proteins associated to nucleoli and/or ribosome production are often found associated with an increase incidence on cancer. Still, how nucleolar stress drives carcinogenesis and how can this be exploited therapeutically remains rudimentarily understood. During the talk I will present a series of mouse models, genetic and chemical screens related to the role of nucleolar stress in cancer (and also somewhat to neurodegeneration), which are helping us to obtain a better understanding of this emergent field.

Selected references

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Contact: Sébastien Britton (

Link to attend the seminar:

21 Sep

11:00 - 12:00

Online seminar