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Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez - An iron hand over cancer stem cells

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Prestige seminar

Raphaël Rodriguez

Institut Curie, Paris

An iron hand over cancer stem cells

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been shown to be refractory to conventional therapeutic agents, can promote metastasis, and have been linked to cancer relapse. Salinomycin can selectively kill CSCs. We have shown that salinomycin derivatives accumulate in lysosomes and sequester iron in this organelle. Accumulation of iron leads to the production of reactive oxygen species and lysosomal membrane permeabilization, which in turn promotes cell death by ferroptosis. These findings have revealed the prevalence of iron homeostasis in CSCs and paved the way toward the development of next-generation therapeutics. The role of iron in the maintenance of cancer stem cells will be discussed.

Selected references

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Contact: Sébastien Britton (

Note for visitors: Please come with a valid identity card


13 Dec

11:00 - 12:00

Seminar room - IPBS - Campus 205