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Dr. Rosie Dawaliby - G.CLIPS mixes as success key to get operational pathology-like membrane protein target in 1 month

Rosie Dawaliby

G.CLIPS Biotech, IPBS, Toulouse

G.CLIPS mixes as success key to get operational pathology-like membrane protein target in 1 month

Membrane proteins are the targets of more than 50% of all existing drugs on the market. However working with this proteins comes with many challenges, especially in vitro.
The target quality, structure and format used in early discovery stages are crucial for later success of selected therapeutic candidates. Most discovery stage methods are hugely time and resource consuming and often lack precision for necessary environment and the conformational nature of the target. This limitation contribute to the low success rate (less than 1% ) of selected therapeutic hits in pre-clinical and clinical phases.
G.CLIPS biotech created the first quick decision tool for membrane proteins to ascertain the necessary environment and conformation stabilization for your target. We offer a unique technology based on proprietary G.CLIPS mixes to unravels the precise condition(s) for pathology-like format targets to be used in screening efforts, immunizations, structural studies and in vitro testing.
Here we present a case study using G.CLIPS mixes for a GPCR environmental and conformational stabilization in vitro will be presented to show the efficacy of our method.

Selected references

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29 Sep

11:00 - 12:00

Seminar room - IPBS - Campus 205