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Dr. Tomas de Garay- Mass photometry

Tomas de Garay

Refeyn Ltd., Oxford, UK

Mass photometry

Mass photometry is an ultra-sensitive microscopy technique, which allows mass determination at the single molecule level. It is based on detecting scattering signal (contrast) generated by an object at the glass-water interface. Since mass photometry contrast is directly proportional to molecular mass it gives direct information on mass distribution with unprecedented sensitivity.

During the brief introduction I will explain the principles underlying mass determination using light, present current examples and discuss further applications including the use of the system for optimization of Cryo-EM measurements and the formation of multicomponent complexes (for example ribosomes).

Selected references

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Contact: Julien Marcoux (

Note for visitors: Due to the COVID-19-related situation, the seminar is NOT open to persons outside the IPBS.

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1 Dec

11:00 - 12:00

Online seminar