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Drs. R. Burcelin & B. Lelouvier - Gut microbiota in chronic inflammatory disease




Rémy Burcelin & Benjamin Lelouvier

Institut des Maladies Métaboliques et Cardiovasculaires (I2MC), INSERM-Université Paul Sabatier & VAIOMER, Toulouse

Gut microbiota-impaired intestinal immune defense to establish a tissue microbiota in chronic inflammatory disease

The last decade demonstrated the crucial role of the gut microbiota on chronic low grade inflammatory diseases, such as obesity diabetes, liver and cardiovascular diseases. We demonstrated using germ free mice that a gut microbiota dysbiosis impairs the intestinal immune defense leading to gut microbiota translocation establishing a novel tissue microbiota responsible for inflammation.

By the mean of omics and hypothesis-driven strategies we identified molecular mechanisms responsible for an impaired antigen presenting cell to lymphocyte co-stimulatory process in the intestine. Microbiota-associated molecular patterns such as NOD2 and the corresponding signaling pathways have been causally identified to reduce the number of IL17-producing CD4 T cells in the lamina propria leading to an increased bacterial translocation from the gut to the adipose depots. This process sets the tone for adipose tissue inflammation leading to insulin resistance. Furthermore, state of the art methods suitable to quantify and sequence the bacterial DNA from tissues such as the blood allows the setting of novel biomarkers to predict, diagnose, and stratify disease.

Hence, a change in intestinal permeability and immune defense by gut microbiota dysbiosis demonstrates a potential therapeutic target of low grade inflammatory and metabolic disease.

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