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FRBT Prestige Conference - Protein targeting, secretion and quality control in bacteria

Prestige conference of the Fédération de Recherche en Biologie de Toulouse

Protein targeting, secretion and quality control in bacteria



Dr. Wilbert Bitter

Vrije University and Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Taking type VII secretion to the next level: maturation of substrates

Selected recent references

  • Phan et al. EspH is a hypervirulence factor for Mycobacterium marinum and essential for the secretion of the ESX-1 substrates EspE and EspF. PLoS Pathog 2018 14(8):e1007247
  • Ates L et al. Mutations in ppe38 block PE_PGRS secretion and increase virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nat Microbiol 2018 3(2):181-188
  • Boot et al. Cell envelope stress in mycobacteria is regulated by the novel signal transduction ATPase IniR in response to trehalose. PLoS Genet 2017 13(12):e1007131
  • Ates et al. The ESX-5 system of pathogenic mycobacteria is involved in capsule integrity and virulence through its substrate PPE10. PLoS Pathog 2016 12(6):e1005696



Dr. Axel Mogk

Zentrum für Molekular Biologie Heidelberg (ZMBH), University of Heidelberg, Germany

Toxic activation of an AAA+ protease

Selected recent references

  • Mogk et al. Cellular handling of protein agregates by disaggregation machines. Mol Cell 2018 69(2):214-226
  • Grousl et al. A prion-like domain in Hsp42 drives chaperone-facilitated aggregation of misfolded proteins. J Cell Biol 2018 217(4):1269-1285
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  • Carroni et al. Regulatory coiled-coil domains promote head-to-head assemblies of AAA+ chaperones essential for tunable activity control. Elife 2017 pii: e30120
  • Ungelenk et al. Small heat shock proteins sequester misfolding proteins in near-native conformation for cellular protection and efficient refolding. Nat Commun 2016 7:13673
  • Mogk & Bukau. Mitochondria tether protein trash to rejuvenate cellular environments. Cell 2014 159(3):471-2


Contact: Olivier Neyrolles ( & Pierre Genevaux (

Note for visitors: Please come with a valid identity card

12 Apr

10:00 - 11:30

IBCG Conference room - CBI