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IPBS Seminar series - The endothelium in health and disease



10.00 am-10.20 am

Andreas Bikfalvi

Team leader « Angiogenèse, invasion tumorale et métastase » at LAMC, Bordeaux


New insights into the regulation of angiogenesis and invasion in malignant brain tumors



10.20 am-10.40 am

Françoise Lenfant

« Optimization of oestrogen receptor modulation in medecine », I2MC, Toulouse


Effects of estrogens on the endothelium in physiopathology


10.40 am-11.00 am

Fabrice Soncin

Team leader « VE-statin/egfl7 functions during vascular development » at Institut de Biologie de Lille


Role of the blood vessel endothelium in tumor escape from immunity


11.00 am-11.20 am

Barbara Garmy-Susini

Team leader « Molecular regulation of (lymph) angiogenic factors in vascular diseases », I2MC, Toulouse


Lymphatic system remodeling in cancer and ischemic diseases



11.20 am-11.40 am

Gilles Pagès

Team leader «Normal and pathological angiogenesis », IRCAN, Nice


Mechanisms of resistance to anti-angiogenic treatments in kidney cancers: a clock-ticking question





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14 Jun

10:00 - 12:00

Fernand Gallais Conference room