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PhD Thesis - Mr Dan Corral (Tuberculosis & Infection Biology Department)

Dan Corral

ILC2 plasticity and its metabolic control during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

PhD Thesis Committee

Dr. Thierry Walzer, CIRI, Lyon, Rapporteur
Dr. François Trottein, CIIL, Lille, Rapporteur
Dr. Ludovic Tailleux, Institut Pasteur, Paris, Rapporteur
Dr. Réjane Rua, CIML, Marseille, Examiner
Prof. Joost van Meerwijk, CPTP, Toulouse, Examiner

Prof. Denis Hudrisier, IPBS, Toulouse, PhD supervisor
Dr. Olivier Neyrolles, IPBS, Toulouse, Invited member


Note for visitors: Due to the COVID-19-related situation, the thesis defence is NOT open to persons outside the IPBS.


Registration to attend the thesis defensis : Click Here


22 Oct

13:30 - 18:00

Fernand Gallais Conference room