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PhD Thesis - Mr Thomas Menneteau (Structural Biology and Biophysics Departments)

Thomas Menneteau

Mass spectrometry methods development to study proteasome complexes dynamic: application to human mesenchymal stromal/stem cells

PhD Thesis committee

Dr. Virginie BRUN, CEA EDyP, Grenoble - Rapporteur
Pr. Bertrand FRIGUET, Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine, Paris - Rapporteur
Dr. Catherine MOALI, Laboratoire de Biologie tissulaire et Ingénierie Thérapeutique, Lyon - Examiner
Pr. Laurent MAVEYRAUD, IPBS, Toulouse - Examiner
Dr. Marie-Pierre BOUSQUET, IPBS, Toulouse - PhD supervisor
Dr. Isabelle ADER, STROMALab, Toulouse - PhD supervisor


Note for visitors: Please come with a valid identity card

25 Oct

14:30 - 17:30

Fernand Gallais Conference room