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PhD Thesis - Mrs Marion Portes (IPBS TB & Infection Biology Department and LAAS)


Marion Portes

New approaches to study the architecture and dynamics of the sealing zone in osteoclasts

PhD Thesis Committee

Dr. Alessandra Cambi, RIMLS, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Rapporteur

Dr. Olivier Destaing, IAB, Grenoble, Rapporteur

Dr. Anne Blangy, CRBM, Montpellier, Rapporteur

Dr. Christophe Vieu, LAAS, Toulouse, Examiner

Dr. Renaud Poincloux, IPBS, Toulouse, PhD thesis supervisor

Dr. Christophe Thibault, LAAS, Toulouse, PhD thesis co-supervisor

Dr. Christel VĂ©rollet, IPBS, Toulouse, Invited member


Note for visitors: Please come with a valid identity card

8 Nov

10:00 - 14:00

LAAS Seminar room