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Cancer immunotherapy: Roche and the IPBS join forces to explore the potential of novel drugs using cutting-edge imaging technologies

Roche and the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (IPBS) share common goals in the fight against cancer. Roche is a major player in the development of immunotherapeutic strategies, whereas the IPBS aims to identify and characterize novel therapeutic targets in the field of cancer. Today, both institutions decided to join forces in order to accelerate the development of new treatments for cancer using cutting-edge imaging technologies. 


“This partnership is a unique opportunity for our institute to directly participate in the development of novel and promising therapeutics against cancer”, said Jean-Philippe Girard, Director of IPBS. “Imaging technologies are currently transforming the way we explore the mechanisms behind disease”, explains Antonio Peixoto, Head of the Imaging facility (TRI-Genotoul) at IPBS. “In this partnership, we will develop specific imaging strategies to dissect the mechanisms of action and assess the efficacy of immunotherapeutics against cancer”, says Peixoto.



“Roche constantly seeks partnerships to have early access to transformative innovation. We believe that the in vivo imaging expertise of the IPBS can make a difference in the preclinical studies of our immunotherapeutics”, said Mario Perro, Group leader in Pre-clinical imaging at Roche Pharma Research & Early Development.




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