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Laure Gibot and Etienne Meunier are awarded the Young Scientist Award from the FONROGA Foundation


Laure Gibot, CNRS Research associate working in the Cellular Biophysics team headed by Marie-Pierre Rols at the IPBS, is awarded the “Jeune Chercheur” Prize from the FONROGA foundation for the quality of her work in translational research. Her research interests focus on the use of tissue engineering and more specifically on the in vitro reconstruction of human skin substitutes to understand the mechanisms of electroporation at the tissue scale. Electroporation, also known as electro-permeabilization, is a physical technique that interferes locally and transiently with the plasma membranes of cells between the electrodes. This approach is used currently in vitro and in clinics to massively deliver molecules of therapeutic interest such as anticancer agents or nucleic acids.


Etienne Meunier, CNRS Research associate and head of the emerging team « Immune Detection and Elimination of Pathogens » at the IPBS, is awarded the “Jeune Chercheur” Prize from the FONROGA foundation for the quality and  relevance of his previous and current work on the study of cellular and molecular processes that govern pathogenic bacterial elimination by the immune system. His previous work highlighted new microbicidal mechanisms that contribute to the killing of the bacterium Francisella tularensis spp novicida by macrophages. These results pave the way for the development of novel complementary therapeutic approaches based on the modulation of the immune system in addition to the use of antibiotics.



The official ceremony will be held in Toulouse in fall 2017.

The FONROGA (Fondation Roland Garrigou pour la Culture et la Santé) foundation is dedicated to support and promote culture and health.