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Anne Lemassu

Research interests:

I have been working for many years on the mycobacterial envelope. I determined the chemical composition of the mycobacterial capsule with Mamadou Daffé in Gilbert Lanéelle’s group. I have then been working on the biosynthesis, role, and supra-organization of the main polysaccharide of this capsule: the alpha-glucan. I have also worked on structural determination, quantification and metabolism of mycobacterial lipids (mainly mycolic acids) and glycolipids. I have participated to European-funded consortia Systems Biology of Mtb (SysteMTb) for the glycomics and lipidomics part.

I published 36 articles on these topics.

Teaching at University of Toulouse:

I teach structural and analytical biochemistry at Licence and Master degrees.

I set up a professional teaching program dedicated to the training of equivalent engineers in analytical biochemistry in the food or pharmaceutical field (IUP Bioingénierie analytique en nutrition et santé)