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How allergens trigger asthma attacks

A team of Inserm and CNRS researchers from the…
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Quand le VIH-1 tombe sur un os

Bones: the guilty osteoclasts were under HIV-1 influence

Bone deficits are frequent complications observed…
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Destroy to build: a novel key step essential to heart development

The heart is the first organ to form and the…
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The mechanical structure of DNA is temperature resistant

Are biological processes involving DNA, like…
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How the tuberculosis bacillus learned to respire in the absence of oxygen

Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiological agent…
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B cells modulate inflammation in tuberculosis

The contribution of B lymphocytes, which are key…
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PNAS Nigou

Mycobacterium tuberculosis plays hide-and-seek with the immune system

To secure their colonization and survival,…
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An endogenous zeitgeber is required for antibody gene expression

The spatial and temporal regulation of complex…
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May the force be with the podosome, an article published in ACS Nano

May the force be with the podosome

Macrophages, key cells of our immune system,…
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By feeding breast cancer cell, adipocytes fuel tumor aggressiveness

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of death…
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