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Siglec-1: Bridging the synergy between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV-1

The synergistic relationship between the AIDS…
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Transcription versus recombination in the generation of antibody diversity

The huge diversity of antibodies is primarily…
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Toulouse will host the 6th Global Forum on Tuberculosis Vaccines in 2021

Causing 1.5 million deaths worldwide each year,…
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Bone marrow adipocytes persist in storing fat even when energy runs out: solving this old enigma

The main function of white adipocytes is to store…
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Adipocyte vesicles: ‘all-in-one’ packages that stimulate tumor mitochondrial metabolism and dynamics

Obesity is one of the main preventable causes of…
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How mycobacteria use their surface lipids to get macrophages in shape for infection

A multidisciplinary consortium of researchers in…
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Activation of a G-protein-coupled receptor by its natural ligand, ghrelin

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms involved in…
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In some instances, more is better…for the IgH super-enhancer

Complex loci contain multiple genes whose…
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The ASB2α protein is a key regulator of the immune response in colorectal cancer

More knowledge of the mechanisms controlling T…
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La co-infection VIH/tuberculose à pleins tubes

HIV/tuberculosis co-infection: tunnelling towards better diagnosis

1.2 million people in the world are co-infected…
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