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2-year postdoc position on integrin functions in immune cells during tumorigenesis


2-year Postdoc position at IPBS in Toulouse (France):

Integrin function in immune cells during tumorigenesis


A two-year postdoc position is available immediately in the "Integrins and Immune Cells" team led by Frédéric Lagarrigue at IPBS / CNRS UMR5089 ( to develop a project aimed at characterizing the function of integrins in immune cells, in particular myeloid cells, in the context of solid tumors.



The role of integrin adhesion receptors in immune cells is essential for their trafficking, activation and function to shape a successful immunity. Hence integrins are attractive targets for recalibrating immune responses within local microenvironments. In this regard we study the diversity and specificity of these signaling pathways in various cellular contexts and investigate their potential to selectively manipulate specific immune cell subsets for therapeutic purposes in cancer and inflammatory diseases. We use genetically modified mice bearing knock-out or knock-in mutations of key integrin signaling regulators. We combine immune cell biology, molecular biology, proteomics, advanced microscopy, and complementary in vivo and ex vivo approaches.



We seek a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist, autonomous and dynamic, with a PhD in oncology or immunology and a strong background in cell biology. Expertise in animal experiments using rodents is essential, and practical experience in mouse surgery is expected. Theoretical and practical training in flow cytometry, cell imaging and histology is desired. Knowledge in intravital microscopy will be a plus. The candidate must possess a good publication track record, organizational skills, thoroughness, and a great sense of ethics. He/she must be proficient in oral and written communication in English. Experience in writing original research articles and grant applications is an asset. Proficiency in FlowJo, Prism and image analysis software is expected. Experience in bioinformatics would be appreciated.


Work context

The objective of IPBS is the identification, characterization and exploitation of new therapeutic targets in the fields of cancer, infection and inflammation. The IPBS constitutes an excellent scientific environment and offers suitable state-of-the-art equipment. The postdoc position is funded by the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research.


Relevant publications

• Sun et al. (2021) Distinct integrin activation pathways for effector and regulatory T cell trafficking and function. J Exp Med 218:e20201524

• Lagarrigue et al. (2020) Talin-1 is the principal platelet Rap1 effector of integrin activation. Blood 136:1180-1190

• Gingras et al. (2019) Rap1 binding and a lipid-dependent helix in talin F1 domain promote integrin activation in tandem. J Cell Biol 218:1799-1809

• Lagarrigue et al. (2017) Cutting Edge: Loss of T Cell RIAM Precludes Conjugate Formation with APC and Prevents Immune-Mediated Diabetes. J Immunol 198:3410-3415



The application should be written in English and include a detailed and complete CV with a letter of motivation describing your previous research and why you consider you are a good match for the position (1-2 pages). Please provide the name and contact information of 2-3 reference persons.



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