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Creation of a CNRS Joint international laboratory headed by C. Vérollet and G. Lugo-Villarino

The International laboratory MAC-TB/HIV has just been recognized as a CNRS International Research Partnership (IRP) for a 5-year period (2021-2025).




MAC-TB/HIV – Understanding how tuberculosis-associated microenvironment increases susceptibility to HIV-1 infection: a perspective on metabolism and activated macrophages.

This IRP takes place in the context of co-infection, where tuberculosis (TB) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) are among the deadliest diseases due to a single infectious agent. The well-known synergy between the two pathogens responsible for these diseases, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and HIV-1, respectively, places an immense burden on the health care systems in resource-limited countries where co-infection with these pathogens is prevalent, but also a serious public health issue in South American and European countries. The central theme of MAC-TB/HIV is that TB-associated microenvironments modulate the metabolic and activated state of human macrophages through dysregulation of lipid networks, transforming these cells into a Trojan horse for HIV-1 dissemination. This IRP consortium is already experiencing success in terms of: i) increasing the synergy between all teams and personnel involved, ii) creating a dynamic pipeline between the scientific aims shared by French and Argentinian teams, iii) producing quality scientific output in terms of publications, and iv) gaining visibility with the international, national and local news media.


The IRP of the CNRS aim to consolidate international research partnerships. The MAC-TB/HIV laboratory has been created for a 5-year period (2021-2025) and involves 3 groups within IPBS headed by Drs. O. Neyrolles, J. Nigou, C. Vérollet and R. Poincloux, and the Laboratorio de Inmunología de Enfermedades Respiratorias led by Drs. MDC. Sasiain and L. Balboa at the IMEX CONICET- Academia Nacional de Medicina of Buenos Aires (Argentina).