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Dr Christine Moussion (Genetech) presents the work of her research group at the closing conference of the School of Small Animal Imaging Applied to Cancer

Preclinical in vivo imaging allows the rapid evaluation of new medical strategies and the identification of new therapeutic targets. Every two years, the Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest organizes the School of Small Animal Imaging Applied to Cancer in order to allow the scientific community to address the theoretical principles and practical aspects of each imaging technique. This 6th edition of the School of Small Animal Imaging applied to Cancer will take place from June 12 to 16 on the Toulouse imaging platforms of IPBS and CREFRE.

The school covers all in vivo imaging modalities (anatomical, functional and molecular) as well as animal monitoring. The theoretical principles of the different modalities are presented by researchers and physicians who are experts in the field. In addition, imaging workshops in real situations within the technical platforms allow an exhaustive analysis of the potentialities and fields of application of each technique. These workshops are organized around the various in vivo imaging machines of the Toulouse platforms of INSERM (CREFRE) and CNRS (TRI-IPBS) as well as companies developing systems for preclinical imaging.

A conference, presented by Dr. Christine Moussion (Genentech, San Francisco) will close the school on the last day. It is open to the scientific community.

After obtaining her PhD in Jean-Philippe Girard's team at IPBS, Dr. Christine Moussion joined the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in Vienna as a postdoctoral researcher in Michael Sixt's group. In 2016, she joined Genentech (San Francisco, CA) as a team leader in the Department of Cancer Immunology. Her group bridges basic science and drug discovery by focusing on deciphering novel cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling leukocyte recruitment in the context of the antitumor immune response.
By combining innovative in vivo and ex vivo imaging techniques with genetic and pharmacological tools, her group is pursuing new discovery leads to improve the outcomes of immunotherapies in the treatment of solid tumors.

As access to the auditorium is limited, registration for this conference is mandatory before June 15 by email to Cancéropôle GSO.


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