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Drug discovery & structural biology


We are looking for a junior group leader in areas complementary to our current research portfolio, and with a significant synergistic effect towards the existing IPBS research teams. The objective is to further nurture our genuine commitment to novel drugs identification and development against cancer and infectious diseases. We encourage applications addressing dynamic aspects of interactions and networks at the molecular and cellular levels, with a strong ambition to develop the drugs of the future and to strengthen the pharmacological aspects of the IPBS research framework. Topics related to structural biology, “hit to lead” strategies and new approaches for drug target deconvolution or vectorization will be favored. A particular attention will be given to candidates willing to create a group in biological NMR (in liquid- or solid-state NMR).

Selected publications from our research teams

  • Saurel et al. (2017) Local and global dynamics in Klebsiella pneumoniae outer membrane protein a in lipid bilayers probed at atomic resolution. J Am Chem Soc 
  • O’Connor et al. (2015) NMR structure and dynamics of the agonist dynorphin peptide bound to the human kappa opioid receptor. PNAS
  • Brunet et al. (2015) Probing a label-free local bend in DNA by single molecule tethered particle motion. Nucleic Acids Res
  • Fabre et al. (2015) Deciphering preferential interactions within supramolecular protein complexes: the proteasome case. Mol Syst Biol
  • Plénat et al. (2012) High-throughput single-molecule analysis of DNA-protein interactions by tethered particle motion. Nucleic Acids Res
  • Guillet et al. (2011) Crystal structure of gamma-tubulin complex protein GCP4 provides insight into microtubule nucleation. Nat Struct Mol Biol 
  • Garcia-Alles et al. (2011) Structural reorganization of the antigen-binding groove of human CD1b for presentation of mycobacterial sulfoglycolipids. PNAS
  • Garcia-Alles et al. (2011) The crystal structure of CD1e reveals a groove suited for lipid exchange processes. PNAS
  • Kollmann et al. (2011). Microtubule nucleation by gamma-tubulin complexes. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol
  • Paganin-Gioanni et al. (2011) Direct visualization at the single-cell level of siRNA electrotransfer into cancer cells. PNAS