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Instrumentation and developments

To reach our purpose we develop original techniques based on fluorescence and optical microscopy

FRAP at variable spot radius

Performing FRAP measurements at variable beam radii is a powerful method for investigating the cell membrane structuration into micrometer-sized domains down to 200 nm Salomé et al, 1998 as illustrated by our analyses of the diffusion of hMOP Saulière et al, 20062010 ; Roumy et al. 2007 and CD4 and CCR5 receptors Baker et al, 2007.



Single Particle Tracking

The complexity of the diffusion of membrane receptors Daumas et al, 2003 can be unveiled by a refined statistical analysis Meilhac et al, 2006Destainville and Salomé, 2006 of the trajectories of nanoparticles (colloidal gold, latex spheres or Quantum Dots) attached to them.

Tethered Particle Motion

Tracking the Brownian motion of a bead tethered to a single DNA molecule immobilized on a glass slide allows to monitor various processes accompanied by a change in the DNA length Pouget et al, 20042006Dennis et al, 2004 with a high spatiotemporal resolution Tardin, Manghi et al, 2010.



Fluorescence polarization

Current developments: 

Dual color FRAP at variable spot radius - Time-resolved fluorescence - High speed Single Particle Tracking