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Small Animal Imaging




Whole body imaging offers the possibility of non-invasive in vivo visualization, which is particular important for longitudinal studies. For this purpose our core facility offers the equipment for whole body imaging necessary to evaluate gene expression in vivo, follow-up tumor progression and bio-distribution of compounds.



In addition, to provide cellular resolution with minimal intervention in small animals our core facility offers the equipment for intravital epifluorescence and multiphoton microscopy to study cell migration, cell recruitment and cell-cell interactions in a standard or a unique BSL3 environment for work with human pathogens. In order to develop intravital studies we have expertise in microsurgery techniques to visualize several organs such as lymph node, bone-marrow, peyer’s patches, abdominal fat, skin and tumors implanted in dorsal chambers.

Intravital Imaging.jpg


  • Cambridge Research Instrumentation Nuance 2 System with spectral unmixing
  • Photek Bioluminescence System with iKon Andor CCD Camera
  • Leica MacroFluo
  • Multiphoton Zeiss 7MP with FLIM module
  • Multiphoton Lavision Biotech Trimscope Chimera in BSL3
  • Wide field Leica INM100 with Hamamatsu CCD camera