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IPBS-Toulouse Call 2021

Deadline for application: May 23, 2021



Successful candidates will be provided with a starting package including office and lab space for 5-6 people as well as staff support, seed funding, mentoring to obtain a tenured position at CNRS and free access to on-site technological facilities (imaging & flow cytometry, proteomics, structural biology, high throughput screening and animal facilities, incl. BSL3).

The IPBS-Toulouse recruits new group leaders in:
Cancer microenvironment & cancer biology

Implication and targeting of stromal components, extra-cellular matrix, cell metabolism and immune cells in tumor progression (including immuno-therapy). Applications in the field of cancer biology are also welcome, especially if focused on DNA repair with therapeutic connections: DNA damage response (DDR) (epigenetics, transcriptional regulation, DNA repair syndromes, chromosomal translocations) and DDR-targeted drug discovery, or tumor resistance and/or vulnerabilities to clastogenic agents and/or DDR modulation.

Inflammation and infection biology

Role of the tissue microenvironment in the protection/ susceptibility to inflammatory and infectious diseases and impact on treatment. Development, differentiation and migration of immune cells. Biology of bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial immunity, with a particular yet non-exclusive focus on respiratory pathogens, addressing the mechanisms underlying pathogens’ virulence and host-pathogen interactions, immunity to pathogens, pathogens’ persistence, drug resistance or tolerance within the host. 

Integrative microbiology

Studies based on genome-wide/omics screens, high-resolution cell imaging, structure determination by X-ray, NMR, cryo-electron microscopy/tomography and other innovative approaches, addressing fundamental questions in molecular and cellular microbiology.

Calls for application: click HERE