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Prizes & Awards

Jean-Philippe GIRARD, Director of IPBS, winner of the prestigious Prize in Cancerology “GALLET et BRETON” from the National Academy of Medecine


Dr. Jean-Philippe GIRARD received the prize “GALLET et BRETON” on December 17th 2013, at the National Academy of Medecine in Paris. This prestigious Prize in Cancerology rewards researchers who have made important advances in cancer research or cancer therapy. Jean-Philippe Girard received the prize for his work on HEV blood vessels and their role in cancer.


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Jean-Philippe GIRARD, Silver Medal of the CNRS

The CNRS Silver Medal honors researchers who are only at the beginning of their rise to fame, but who are already recognized nationally and internationally for the originality, quality, and importance of their work.

Jean-Philippe GIRARD, Director of IPBS, received this prestigious award for his work on the role of blood vessels in inflammation and cancer.


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