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Rémi Mascarau is awarded the Young Researcher prize from the Fondation des Treilles

© F. Viala, IPBS (CNRS/UT3)

Rémi Mascarau, PhD student in the « Phagocyte Architecture and Dynamics » team headed by Drs. Christel Vérollet and Renaud Poincloux, received a fellowship from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche sur le SIDA for his 4th year PhD thesis.

Rémi's PhD project aims to decipher the cellular and molecular mechanism of cell-to-cell transfer of HIV-1 in macrophages. 
After his PhD, Remi wants to pursue his career as a post-doctoral researcher.


The Fondation des Treilles, created by Anne Gruner-Schlumberger, aims to support communication between science and arts, and help the progress of research and creation. It hosts researchers and artists in its property “Domaine des Treilles” (Var, France). Every year, the Young Researcher prize rewards young researchers finishing their thesis or postgraduates in all research fields. 


Rémi Mascarau

You can know more about Rémi Mascarau and his PhD thesis in his portrait (in French with English subtitles).