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Renaud Albigot receives the CNRS crystal medal

The crystal medal is handed out to engineers, technicians, and administrative staff whose creativity, expertise, and sense of innovation have contributed, alongside researchers, to the advancement of knowledge and the excellence of French research. Renaud Albigot is responsible for Quality Management and System and Network Administrator at ProteoToul, a group with an international reputation, with a staff of around 20 people, consisting of a technological platform in biology and health and a research team in proteomics and structural mass spectrometry.


Biochemist by training, Renaud Albigot turned to computer science. Thanks to his skills at the interface of these two fields, he joined the IPBS Proteomics group in 2003. Renaud Albigot has been in charge of setting up an efficient IT infrastructure dedicated to the acquisition, processing and management of proteomic data. After regularly upgrading this infrastructure to meet new proteomics needs, he now manages a set of physical and virtual servers and runs the Proteomics Bioinformatics Service. 

In order to reinforce the efficiency and the organization of the activities and the functioning of the group, he implemented a quality approach, first at the local level, within ProteoToul, where he holds, after having followed several training courses, the position of Quality Management Manager (RMQ); then at the national level, where he joined, as a founding member, the national network of internal auditors of the GIS IBiSA, IQuaRE. He plays an essential role in this network. Today, he performs several internal audits per year and trains new RMQs and internal auditors. His expertise in the field of quality led him to participate in the working group for the drafting of a new standard, specific to technology platforms, the NFX 50-900 standard.
Renaud Albigot's multiple skills in biochemistry, computer science and quality management are a precious originality for ProteoToul, and more widely for the different networks to which he belongs.
Renaud Albigot was one of the first experts and has become, with more than 15 years of experience, a recognized reference for the quality management of technological platforms in biology, health and agronomy at both regional and national levels.