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Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy facility

Scientific head: A. Peixoto - Technical head: S. Mazères

The optical imaging and spectroscopy facility at the IPBS campus is part of the Toulouse regional imaging network (TRI), an IBiSA labed technological platform (Head: P Cochard) belonging to Genotoul

The major goal of the optical imaging platform is to bring cutting‐edge support to scientists in the field of life science imaging.

This facility provides a wide range of equipments that allow observations from the molecular level (microspectrofluorimetry) to the intact organism (in vivo and intravital observations).

The time scale range can be from the nanosecond scale (fluorescence lifetime) up to weeks by time lapse observations on living animals. The network develops new technologies in the field of molecular and cellular spectroscopy and living animal imagery and keeps the equipments into a world competitive level.