Core Facilities

IPBS supports a broad array of technological facilities and state‐of‐the‐art equipment designed to advance the research efforts of the Institute and of external investigators. In order to provide the capability to analyze biological materials using the most sophisticated technologies, our facilities are operated by experienced personnel and some of these facilities conduct their own research and development programs.

The Institute hosts five technological platforms, all of them having the IBiSA label (national coordination of the life science platforms,

Two platforms are coordinated by IPBS:

  • ProteoToul (Toulouse Proteomics facility; Head: Dr. Odile Burlet‐Schiltz)
  • PICT (Toulouse Integrated Screening Platform; Head: Dr Virginie Nahoum)

IPBS is a partner site for two other platforms:

  • TRI-IPBS | Microscopy (Head: Dr. Renaud Poincloux)
  • TRI-IPBS | Cytometry (Head: Dr. Frédéric Lagarrigue)
  • Anexplo-IPBS (Functional exploration; Head: Dr. Magali Jacquier)

These technological facilities are part of the Genopole Toulouse Midi‐Pyrénées, a regional network of research platforms in life sciences (, open to groups from both public and private sectors, and involved in technology development and innovation.

Proteomics Facility of Toulouse

Odile Schiltz

Integrated Screening Plateform of Toulouse

Virginie Nahoum


Renaud Poincloux

TRI-IPBS | Cytometry

Frédéric lagarrigue

Functional Exploration