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Know How

  • Cell culture : murine adipocyte (3T3F442A), normal and tumoral breast and prostate cells lines, melanoma cell lines
  • Isolation of Primary adipocytes from mouse and human adipose tissue (collaboration Philippe Valet)
  • Coculture of adipocytes with tumor cells 2D and 3D models including spheroids
  • Tumor cell xenograft in lean and obese mice (collaboration Philippe Valet)
  • Characterization of adipocytes phenotype: adipose cell markers (Q-PCR, Western Blot), Red oil/Bodipy labeling, measure of triglycerides content
  • Molecular Biology: real time quantitative PCR, si/shRNA…
  • Biochemistry: Western blot, Immuno-precipitation, Elisa…
  • Immunofluorescence /Confocal Imaging /Time lapse

  • Wound Healing assay, Migration and Invasion Assays using Transwells

5 February 2013