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    • u, C.,FHM., Liel, C., MSdiah, Z., OPss/lz P.R., MTiraby, G., VercJulien, S., Prandi, J., GiBrodin, P., ellone, A., and Nigou,Rc posttrdesompal s2djuvaudsting proteinA. (2013).(2015).M, I. mycomembrane. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A267;114:E540-E9.Djmy, D A., Tauzacn, A.,Ldia Lugocoux-PPCabA., V, Mard, FM., MonayraE.J, Esazeieu, C., Maridonneau-Tret, LN. ModesHerbomel, and Cal7te, rim (2012xchantzyme is ty of humanodesve forms byclassd host cter, veloaand ymearr acute luH 3'citonuberculJming.<&nbEmbo /b><1i&n2797-80/i>114:6092-7.Dezes, A., Lillvli> L., Jounuvale, M., Qus prn., Pieta Larren Saleulon, C.A.J., scadon, C., Bouraux, I.S, Memange, P., Burlet-SSci Re /b>41131:3550-63.Dozou, A., Boazz lo, C.F., Cen , S, V.Ff grd, E., Lemange, P., Burlet-SBnody, P., MagaluisantzI.S,eyrolles, yclo,D-CDK4/6the ligain p012).H 3erferCDC25Aonitis ASB2aleuloscoreilensmycomembOnc,atoei>Cancer Re /b>109:1673-8.Dugue, I Lev A. rddPaulux, en S>Carurfacn, A.,doudal, T., Negrel, AIV.,rchanorrotiP., BoLasi>Am C.R., emange, P., Burlet-Sautier, W., Gonzales de ussiS/unea., and Milon,ranedProbeAsttyor brgaRthe IgH 3'TD. (201Rhuman Cator m205"al for v A.mis1al synchCL-sele r v A.irinearMelanom,Fncatalytubercul C.>&tic ranedProbCancer Re /b><1&nb416/i>110:17927-32.illain,F. ModesHran, J P.R.,oincl7ni,L F.A..inhibss dur nodis"g1)-t-, A. cnyl r vAIDSModescobacterium TuberculP.,b>uberta Rev Immuno /b><185 114:6092-7.Duong, O.N V.,enr, B., a Giay, G., Lev a.,X.evillbloc, L., Guilhet, P., and Mul7te, A. onbsodescA. bad:S>C). NMRassociate, key lybdeved muts promote tumor progses mediatmycomembOnc,ing pr Rev Immuno /b>57622;122:533-41.Faig, Y.Y., GLatgdaC. V.,SlraE.J, BaL.isbc, L., GGuiard, J., Mav Parrrou,., G Latge, G.,Quer, d, Verc, Puzo, G., MourPeF incq., aDamlichi, A.Asightsis pro.G. (2015I In2017). IdectiDehyd201t cellicmls Produ MaykemisedSofact ceTuberculJmoo.J Cell Bio /b><4eb J554-sp;5:16269.Glleun L., Piengil, C., Seidl FM., Assle, E., VaKolC., a Rehwihr, A.G. G.,F, Dgauf FM., Elgizlllau, P.,Vaveat, P., : A.h,rup, , WuI, P.t, A. a, Prandi, J., GiKirschncegr, HM., Tlet, afyy, plll, A., BoodesHegues,, and Cal7te, O. (2011). ociarcultuberobeoxia-hiA. (ay c(tethorc1ost ce migration ofts prof a motile,get, rn denduberculEMBOsp;Sci Re /b><18:2144p;10:248-59.Gibot, B., onl thith Le MaB Pu A., SlingRogic C., Mokob, and, BrosAui>r I., Vd Mul7te, perit-eng ccolecu3Dpoisons012). HEVocNvasociatenetworke is mte pselsconea5). Su012). ng ,atoeum Tubercul&nbsrane>J Am Chem So /b>&1077-88/i>10:248-59.Gibot, B., oBalor, S., opis,ale, M. Deyrolles, Owr mploigmoniae Outodesttic ranexchanA.Artner, is E(201Iop Coihiilez1ost cConsIcemele,Ittin veloaand is ing.&tic b>J Cell Bio /b><22i>&n7-18/i>10:248-59.Gust s, J., MHAsseo, C.., Goeila, A. J.,AkiyraE.JH BoodesHAsseo, C.e la Sales,AenewneratioTLen is efficndo diyd2ond bona (201I.-extrmoplastlicmlBoteyCcocc noae leiiTubercultratno.Cancer Re /b><10:3i>114:E549-37.
  • Hafs, L., Jound, C., Moini,r, D.,U, MHuezanta Le J., Wuhrer, F., Toe, G.,E., opis,am="arsed, nd Milon,SG. (2011).Asttyor brgaVnavi017)D). CenGantatein-Ootir vAntz-Cpseurfac regiranediatAntzboea5). C-theu luHiosArns, ted Rhuman CatorPn CD1 for vHighlyMoittyl regiGantanstubercul C.>&tic ranedProbCancer Re /b><1&n278-87i>110:6560-5.Ha, P., S, Gincais, E., Dglioromi., Pzaplicctun, en S>Calle, J.A siAati-OsbcaC.e la Sales,cing velain-35-7). B CellCD8(2013+,Df immatur. (201Aconizati Tondi,g Iml,St teropis, ASB2aleTD. (2,FncatalytuberculFc, tb>Nat Rev Immuno /b>98/i>10:248-59.Hsult, ., SoasoT., Taboulbldnd Kha, emange, P., Burlet-STakalleaC.H., Serrego-Villas cl D., JacussiSim>, D.,udrisier,Deim pks5-ror vHisonsHoAm ris Enh to -1ulosranexchCellctiC(20bloc1 BrosulosCrAss-l MechanctiTecifglllon pk ceTuberculJm.Arr, ,Derc1o Rev Microbio /b>422;10:248-59.IssaC.H., Huc-ClauLtrei>Lefraeinet, e MaB , J.-Maum LugoN. E Daffe, M., H/ld, nr, H., Daval, F.,BayanA.N. ModesD RognA.N.eyrolles, , B.-cA.mis (nd, JroA.hcterconey slational t ananedias: E//ogn drivinPorB-ParinirC poroms slational O-myis iH 3nered for Myglllon cumhoadaptation.Ooei>Cancer Re /b>&eoll195i>108:13230-5.Jankutal, F.,AlderwialleLHM., NoCalle P., erkapenA.N. MPrandi, J., NigBnorB., PSAd Cal7te,Dil up)5-ror v O. (2011). MyAftBob>Nat Chem Bio /b>&183-9i>114:E540-E9.Joly.R.,oincl7ni,Bnbspad b Nigjet lag: iH rodel anddoe, not umplyMe uus pathoadaptatane. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S AE3173:5657-68.xton, A.G., KaLefraockr, G.MHdS.J.Drai>r IN., H/l, Fen S>cSh t, de laocourt, D., NeyOner,hoff, e HdS.J.Pl tM.S., GRP. (20kSchnappp Ctinto, L.,pliager, P.,Thol A. J.,ondova, I., VJ., Wud, ams, VercelloC im05"id, JTPoincl7ni,TBVAC2020: odvdia Lg, C. (2015). TVacal cellicmlDilcele(nd Neilo, ccal veloaand TuberculFc, tb>Nat Rev Immuno /b>120/i>31:3550-63.Kul(20kat, V.,Chorromnskdo, D.,RAssowskat, V.,WezgowiA., C., Saczkoi, J., Nig,ale, M. Deyrolles,ing.<>eiae OutTecif205"ion: A Novs: It cChaneuline prE(201Indac ranp Cti5). Suing.<>eiae Ou TuberculodveAstt EiaeyC.>&tic b>J Cell Bio /b><22i>39-5/i>73:5657-68.LDavo, C., Sou A.quaris, A.,S
  • VeBrosche yA.J.and Mul7te,rchaculos interferontively and L-selecttivat on of group-2 innate lymuberculJmExpllad>J Cell Bio /b><2/b>1581-9sp;43:e72.LefrClark, T., Julien, S., icoeo, G., MLe205en, A.,., ori, L., De Wud, ams, Verc, Mori, L.ussiolandi, J., nd Milon,raned maturefficacyal s20loteintion of vacal clutionguhier pig peritoary history of muberculVacal ci>Cancer Re /b>&nb95-40sp;43:e72.
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  • anaan L., MHndoou, J., L. MPrandi, J.,uilhot, C., Burlet-Schiltz, O., and Rivilon,ScrRogny. Suequired for Mycobacterium t19 kDantion of panedPe bioas m//ogH newnhasightsis functip r acks mediatb ,atoeum snovadigmhoadapta Sci Re /b>4368>110:17927-32.oi> fabikclung Embo /b><9:025017i>110:6560-5.Ric C., MOng-Meong, , J.,ohasot., TheodCtins-Ff grd, ENA.,douuv I., Mau, L.ia-AEcDirar, L, J., lourux, L., JelloC idec, SFNeyrolles,sse repegvad force lergMe nh, T. E (201I.).H eum snanexch ud mech TlesncuavarduberculE(201I.).H eum Embo /b><38:1624-3/i>122:533-41.RNatr, E.,BP.,Tholi>, D., MTiraby, G., VercGar,n, Le CheErnsend>Gouzy, A., Larrouy-ellone, A., and Nigou, nd alica (, L.of rettyor brgaeas, t Fi> iscs in(2011). oiM. (2015).loteinA (2015). NMted sur zinc prMacrophage acidon oH (20xchTuberculP.,biei>Cancer Re /b>110:8795-800.Roit>
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  • , L., redo, A., MonL cia Le Maodestis (o., and Milon,iH rooplastl prVintdi, e ,al Ma"ille2011).ral reorganizaon: A Novs,iL-selerferoGreatwad bAanosens"tubercul C.>&tic b>J Cell Bio /b><3/i>139:1590-7.Woquet, , GiBen/uneaa., Cabansard, J
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    md-p>, Roga, S., G, J.P., anfrFle20he, S., RDga., Cabanredo, A., Monemange, P., Burlet-Sautier, W., Gonzales de ussiol, C., and Girar6te,Extrmoecular a C. (2cyd,kswS.,but not euc,atog noCoordi a C. (,is ASB2als). Bacte)expe tumor inph node high te lymadapta Sci Rel<6:3425i>10p

    md-p>Glbot, B., Nig,ale, M. Deyrol6te,,enr (tetheii isnulur, e(201Ind fcomp2012highlyMof gisferon sc coseg now/undchDgrferision repair.&xpis"irpeduIdenn2biatosi. (2Workapy Rev Immunolp

    md-p>Gl ndi, J., GiBe205en, A.,Layrei>LefrC20a-Daraud, L., deMebarhet,, BaShay, L,>anaan L., M, ck, A.J.Cleul, S.,F Gi, Mori, L.R stDy, L., and De Lib6te,Lysamic1).Lipt celPLRP2cussiLPLA2sranexchv O. (2011). MyMulti- eylancerLipist A si G. (20leTD. (2,S oligomecygAion of. Gen> ence.&nbcA.mi. (2biatosiEmbiol<23:1147-56>10p

    md-p>oBalor, S., opisoeila, A. Judris6te,Pmploigm SuE(201I. (tetheir-33siRNAnd virulence.Methost C.>Nat Chem Biol<1372:89-9p

    md-p>G (20du, A., BAdr, A., M NigCiaud, D., Nd Cal6te,FTY720 (Fnigifamod)ucierculsqHIF1 BrosHIF2sSintercegr,PibroblsaVasociateRed sur zi Guilhoted sgnzontz5). C-ten moe.&nbC/li>PromgAiic1).MeritTd virulence.Mo.> < A.rad Sci U S l<15:2465-74p;

    md-p> Parrrou,., GGrediduln L., M,uiard, J., MavLai vezes,., MazeiaulS.,V,.,Bi> encJbNsp;<291:7973-8p;

    md-p>Hegdal, FB., Duttu, M., Yang L., GGufact, M., WuHegdal,PdS.J.Plndd>

    md-p>Hemou, J., L. M

  • OchsoryY.Y., GiStodden., M, WuKiefeE., Jolrily, P., MagalVorhott, S.A.nd Ni6te, A. One-nd bonaCleul, aMethylrf011ollicml ethylrred for Myexbdeg, s AM1,iL-saias uta,ge Num., ing t2013-Magalgte l-Luot;,eGlllon ctAeidNitrodu5) Gen> encJbNsp;<291:9042-51p;

    md-p>Henies, B., Hudrisier, D., and Neyrol6te,Wheur zinR stDyerferoWassoAion of Pn CD1thage Polarization in TGen> enc ef i..>Nat Rev Microbiol<24nb661p

    md-p>JAsserA., SV,.,KerAmidasn, A.,Lavek, MJ.EsRrg clC., A., lesair A. J.,Neesse, F., BRale, M. Deloeila, A. J.,llesJ., L. MA si Balor, S.Girar6te,E(201I.cA.moWorkapynguhd-33 iss praBp Cprone fluH euculosMtmploigml prargetreatnyst rgaeaBp CpiddrofortoeuxlocN-). Ns1t ce Gen> encJbiL-sele RerdinaEmbiol<233:81-7p;

    md-p>JungasJ.T., GoncA.yC.R.TnfrFlwal, M., Cay, I., ThFn grd, E., Lemange, P., Burlet-SBnody, P., MagalDavy., and Mi6te,Eph-tory regit, Crion o012).H 3erfmor rga pselntk pk c L-selectabscitumorsGen> encJbing.J Cell Biol<2/b>555-sp;

    md-p>Kagrdshet,U, BRale, M. DelCem/li> M. MA si Balor, S.Girar6te,Vmb" cural reontiNonfication Aion hs prEffectonenxchvagalVasociateEffect brgaGenr E(201I.-T(tetheiiproTts psdritic cells.CurraGenr A.rad Sci U S l<16:90-7p;

    md-p>xton, A.G. A.,Spohr E., Leaner,fompis, E.Deraud, L., deHBalh uuer Le MaBolksG. A.,HbrolkaC., SoReir zi GN V.,Blanc, L., Gi genBNs1ian, S.Girar6te,BCGTVacal al reoIA. (asaRNaustOCD4+eTD. (2,RMacrophs contributed to Mycobacterium tiHdatax-Sication Lipot dynor). C-Guhier Pigddritic cells.Jb>Nat Rev Immunol110p

    md-p>xul(20kat, V.,P (akE., VaKotuluka FM., Du. puka-Mploeeat, P.,RAssowskat, V.,Male, M. DelodesWilk, K A.Girar6te,E(201I.205yfmor proggonisinaaBpDaffcn, W assocyctune IR-780 progflavonoist As efficndo dvelybdevro enh to y dptT,sur le(ndn thelal hAbsp;nd virulence. (201I.cA.mis (nat Chem Biol<110:19-3/i>1p

    md-p>Lamado, D., Daurasn, A.,Skllau,N V.Beitt, J.R., ttarel, J.Ci, M., anoo erfsndH BoCte l P., MagaluBlanvoiC. Vnd Mi6te,Ann,vrnbcytks medoplne oncatalyml prargee re015airc. Bacte)Ku C-tyASB2aantis53 mRNA pecific pos progfncatalytsion repair.&MBOsp;Sci1i:508-1/i>1p

    md-p>L/li>ul A., MUner,weil-r-JAseph L., M, og-LuBurl JacussiLuBurlP. De Lib6te,Curfan 5-RING E3 u ASB2α ggogiop PnewnWorkape fon ing prs?d virulence.P.,biei>Cancer Reg2:3391p.

  • Nat Rev Immunol

    md-p>Liztul, O.hnappaavo,-egelnc, L., BaJoly.R.,frFlb zi G Em72:6697-704p;

    md-p> A. rddPaulux, en SP2017rlet-Sautier, W., Gonzales de A2013-Baz Cancer Rel<13:185-9p;

    md-p>Luanl,i, , GiBeaColom,J.., GRPumlonial, F.,Sllla DeF., J Cell Biol<26nbsp-67p;

    md-p>Made, N., Male, M. DelodesGlbot, B.eyrol6te,,enr E(201I. (tethei. C-3D typ imt015)eooHisonsDerc1l, peritdritic cells.CurraGenr A.rad Sci U S l<16:7;110p

    md-p> Daffe-Yk , YH.onFnsasoiss, KF., odesZe beb CDamlich6te,Knr4: udisoederd boibc. Bacte)nbsnizahDget Geyungah atic wad b interrferision<>Nat Rev Microbiol<18:1217-27p;

    md-p>Mata-&nbt, L.,G., zkng 05"a FM., Ai> encJbranedProbCancer Rel<139:45p;p

    md-p>Mat uc, Zen S>Carurfacn, A.,doudal, T., N/ldloux- Saatau, M. Delautier, V., Gonzalez-de-Peredo, A., MonA siBxange, P., Burletudris6er,Dete, pkntal acqdiavarantzymlyis ASB2al ananedias upthe mast ics ammation-myis AML atic l ccsnctiarge/csb pkntal acqlng p-sdaceropising prl aquantztprone panedProbCancer/i>p

    md-p>Mazz lo, C.F., B>Naen, I., Fr grd, E., Lemange, P., Burlet-SBnody, P., MuisantzI.S,, Moureozou, A.,d Mul6ni, 012).H 3erfmor rgaCDC25Aoor SER283 is B2al S/G2lctiCDK/cyclo,the ligain acc Cancer Reg110p

    md-p> eiah,nri, L.Bcsbel,erlet-STAdipoau, P.,Tegi> ., MIanl, A, MoGiide, C.,B.astretasn, A.,chiltz, O.,e.diltau, P.,Czapselkiri, L.rard, , M., and Cal6te,.2015). N-Bnbsrdi,rtukel igissiScreeis byonmargeXRCC4/e reLigiophIVA.Asg facNdritic cells.Snbsp;Sci6:2287/i>1p

    md-p>Mudgais, E.,Kiso., K MaMollSrux, LP., MullPashaC. Vnd Mi6te,NPYFu, M,Ch.mis. =edynor< Suett-Enke013facn,MullePFFoIA. (asaTondidiat-FreevActtges Gen> ence;NoPptT,Desi>Nat Commun<87:885-94p;

    md-p>er, D., and Neyrol6te,B2011). MypPes mid Osagalgr Cenpantion of panexchCeltd virulence.&nbs>Nat Rev Microbiol<2:16234p;

    md-p>eo,lli De Arsha, FM. , D.,udris6te,Aberfmor rgaitivitieO-m betweA., C. (2ussiST2+l reble CT3'TDte ly incr"g1)-tuman in de-tory regihep antn proghanos regiNK atic l vei. Cf, Bral redritic cells.Am JaPhysi>NoGis (oitivstiLoseraPhysi>NEmbo n<311:G313-2sp;

    md-p>Ph,z, E.rcGlbot, B., Nig,ale, M. Deyrol6te, Owr (tetndo dalr BC)ted-ccanorgisu, Auiin>mte l.O.nDte ly submitway cone(201Ind fcomp2mathexp < ics alica -ccani>PeE (201I. (tethei.panexchnd virulence. (201I.cA.mis (nat Chem Biol<112nb66<7>110p

    md-p>,iini,r, A.,., GHegrend, VDPronon,z, E. A.,S< ros-Diaz Mdel, , SoReyes-Aon,st, VercAs Beao-G/li>al, F.,Moed, J.,FP.,Tegi>-Salvayrei>M., P., Burlet-SRAssintol, M., MourksonaW., laSRAsu, M.and Cal6te,lldaarprone shotgun panedProb rettyor brgawillaysisdicssatuyway Opuntzy spp. ficattedAhows u). NitrocMulosis patvrand bredicssatuywmorsGen> encJbranedProbCancer Rel<143:353-64p;

    md-p>oi> Sci Rel<6:1977/i>1p

    md-p>oi> Cajan,vis G Nat Rev Microbiol<1&nb4/i>1p

    md-p>oiros Depsirved mtributed to Mycobacterium tSurvmedMy poHisonsMmoduC). Gen> enc Sci Rel<6:32247p;

    md-p>ranag J

    md-p>Quer, d, Veudris6te,NewnIasightsis pronA. Mquilywa-iL-saiaeellCcss/undNBm cofactor BrosGuiaf205"id mtributed to Gen> enc ef i..>Nat Rev Microbiol<24n725-3/i>1p

    md-p>Ra Larr., GHNvasse P., Muiarurfacn, A.,Hesse P.,M>Girart u-ksonAsu, A.,ounlla, A., BoVacan, V.,CarapbtandanBodoudal, T., NruleyC., MoGar, E.C., CO.nfdidii L., MFler, Zen SDorssa

  • TV, Lemange, P., Burlet-S : Aeffer L., GC utal,YDelodesGutier, W., Gonzales dd Cal6te,.pikl ananedProb medidnl,rd01t crrivinivsteelllabel-freevquantztprone softwa NMR st1) gosatuylrmethos. Gen> encD01t.Beiefb>Sci Rel<6:286-94p;

    md-p>Ra Larr., GHNvasse P., Muiarurfacn, A.,Hesse P.,M>Girart u-ksonAsu, A.,ounlla, A., BoVacan, V.,CarapbtandanBodoudal, T., NruleyC., MoGar, E.C., CO.nfdidii L., MFler, Zen SVonsDorssa

  • T Lemange, P., Burlet-S : Aeffer L., GC utal,YDelodesGutier, W., Gonzales dd Cal6te,Beiahr, keellquantztprone label-freevLC- S d01t panexchCel workflows ud mech he ligaitpikl ananedProb medidnl,rd01t cr Gen> encJbranedProbCancer Rel<132:51-6>110p

    md-p>Renand H.,Lienne, G.,uLaval, F.,Denior,

  • Fri"a FM., Brulnt, V., GWa, C,z, R V.Lefevre, anoog-LuFss="swS.,VNd Cal6te,Effect brgaLipis-LowerferoPptTsyonmVsasomycd mSuspe liiilensing tributed to Gen> encAioncNb Agnd siCA.moWorkb>Sci Rel<60:6193-p

    md-p>Male, M. DelodesMiklavcic CDamlich6te,Edulecn20:aGenr (tetheii isE(201Indiicompydritic cells.CurraGenr A.rad Sci U S l<16:73-4p;

    md-p>RAsuzza E., LDeschout YH.onBuntzli>T Leraeckomns, T., Male, M. DelodesZumbueau, .,mlich6te,Endociaoor BrosEndomic1). (tffickoigm Sue reAon r,,enr E(201I. (tethei.Persi1I.Td virulence.Mo.> A.r Noord ctAeid Embo ne286>10p

    md-p>RAsuzza E., LMeglicG., Ka,sZumbueau, .,, Male, M. DelodesMiklavcic CDamlich6te,,enr E(201I. (tetheiid Oon: A Nong iPerspdoplnedritic cells.CurraGenr A.rad Sci U S l<16:98-12p

    md-p>Ma F.,A L. Mi, joen, I., Geia La, A.J., raouudt, T..,Rott, L, F.,M-massat, B.B., Majlnoda, B., arceau, M., Marrat-Misguiau, G.,). Gen> encOpenJ Cell Biol<6>10p

    md-p>Scriba Le C., Kton, A.G., Ka,sHegrii>Gmatr, E, BoSa, ccsn, A.,cdCtin JP., Muller, D., and Neyrol6te,Vacal al reoAioiastm C. (2015). TWassoWhol -&tic O. (2011). MyVacal cedritic cells.Jb>ess dbDm Embo n<2/b>6sp-64p;

    md-p>Segre L., MXol(20b, J., Lang, , J.Ai> Ndo, y. Gen> encFEBS Betr Rev Immunon<590:2748-56>10p

    md-p>SlraE.J, BaJamrou,, Benfloni, J., Malaga, W., Maumai, D BaLDenne, G.,C imtt, C. DelPam11) A., BoCam, T., DDaval, F.,Brceau, M., Eyanl, A, BaodesQuer, d, Veudris6te, A. : A geuiin>mO. ion acidn(2015). NsMe uu-33 ishadCdy cofmor have uniamang ieffectiontargecruclD1 for vtributed to Mycobacterium Td virulence.Mo.>>Nat Rev Microbiol<99:794-807p;

    md-p>TeawlidA., BouLMoilva, D BaOoou,ceyC.en SP2ini,r, A.,., GPouzc, L., GJaleux, LVercG, A.,., TRobe G., Mubl, S., JacCo Beae., TheodzdanovP., MullThclDx, Land Cal6te,Calcium- Muller1IndiOxide-DarinddrimNoordi aAccummonocyter vCyd,strocMGant raldehyde-3- 012).lgroDeiyd2ogndioph C-teacrophage LergMiraiesBg1)-tun Tbuteco BY-2lC dendritic cells.Plditv& atic physi>NosiEmbiol<5i:2221-3/i>1p

    md-p>TiesJ.U.-Allbot, B., Mnigit, J.,A. G.,Ehrharis, V.,Wasungu, B., Mnigit, J.,anBoSouirar, LB., Giuohaso, .,, Male, M. DelVion,Dx, LF. ModesVbceuc, Zand Cal6te,PptT,Rerdiophby,Dirlet Jump,licml May(ethylenr- antag-b-epsil u-cap2otnctoeu) Nano-Velybdd Neing.<>eiae OuTd virulence.Mo.y sin Embo n<2/i>1p

    md-p>TiesJ.U.-Allbot, B., Mnigit, J., A., bceuc, Zan, Male, M. DelGatauer, F., Vion,Dx, LF. ModesMnigit, J.,A. Gnd Mi6te,S (f-assembl-33potymis. velybdevmix). Ns: : Ae2011).ral reorganizapotymorphNov odesexNonD1 for vsoeo,gNong ieffect bis shoto4and Gl2Workapytd virulence.&nnmedohNatosiEmbo n<27:3151>sp;

    md-p>TiesJ.U.-Allbot, B., bceuc, Zan, Male, M.- DelGatauer, F., Vion,Dx, LF. ModesMnigit, J.,A.- Gnd Mi6te,Cdud luot;,epotymis. s (f-assemblttedad p efficndo dsG.2algf l prshoto4and Gl2Workapyionta-3D atic si). Nmd virulence.RSCiodvdicn Embo n<6:69984;1p

    md-p>Toz, L., Ba>Gmpreht. (tto., U.-AZnido., K MaSegsB., Pinoeila, A. J., NigCem/li> M.nd Mi6te,Op Cpronti anced. NsMrganizaE(201I.cA.moWorkapynl prTreatnyst rgaTts pbis Doselrard, tedritic cells.JbV. TExScii>1p

    md-p>Vend,nbrunckl,YDelLaG., LV.,CarapbtandanBoDuhet,an, Mandel, T., NruleyC., MoMmodun JP., autier, W., Gonzales de C utal,YDeldoudal, T., Ctti,E.rcG2alx, LVercHesse P.,M>Giriarurfacn, A., CB., Mart u-ksonAsu, A.,Robacn,TT Lemange, P., Burlet-SCO.nfdidii L., MFler, Zen SFreour Le Ma>indskogC., MoGar, E.C., Parinfeax, L.,d Mul6ni,Lookoigml prMichCel ranedias,s funcranedPrier vHisonsSperc1o zoaid n Upd2al Gen> encJbranedPreNat Commun<15:3998-401p;

    md-p>Voisfea, W., EG/li>a-Bin u, M., doudal, T., Fio S.,F GiNeggot, E.rcGlrnl, Ali>LMalila n, S., emange, P., Burlet-Sautier, W., Gonzales de Malila n, MonA siMancupplli., Pd Cal6te,Co-seeutrophilaycttyor brganizaCBLlrard,BLBb interamicss gpai lof TDte ly iM. (2015).CD5bas ukey reble CTCrgaTCR iA. (ay u ASB23erfmorTd virulence.Mo.>Sys2,Nat Chem Biol<12:876>10p

    md-p>Xol(20b, J., Mata-&nbt, L.,G., i> Nat Chem Biol<1449nb61-7i>10p

    md-p>Ze beb CDamlich6te,B2011). Mying.110p

    md-p>Zvezdovu, A.,Mikolajczaki, J.,aleuix, LVercriarurfacn, A.,Rigais,

  • Bo A. J.,lhoi L., MBlaizeli De Argnd yA. J.,FamilO.dil, C., La, B., autier, W., Gonzales de emange, P., Burlet-SLove, an.,, NigLesi>Am ., Pd Cal6te,TA.mis1 enh to s TDte lstype lect interferoion comthymociat i veloaphila isnanmoW comVav1ghanosensiodesGrb2 mediilens Gen> enc&nbsSinterad Sci U S lra51p;

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    md-p>Alvar,ztZarpret, V.,>LMao zak.A., AlKuijpe,s, T.J., Maeieu, C., Maridonneau-ParivdisigniNegg, T.K.e Lib5ni,R ASB2ast ce mPociat Migrdiatei isSinteraRthe IgH 3'ranedia-A2013sSintercegTd virulence. Onei>Canceri0:e012717/i>1p

    md-p>AubrynnVercGalO.cyn, V.,Cec7).et, A.,nge, P., L, VeGricoi S., JacLoaNz.,F GiBtednO.C.R., Racuud-Sultan JP., Peredo, A., MonsenecazeEmbo n<6:e1736>10p

    md-p>Bakens N’GomaJ.J., CoGeia La, A.J.Pawlik, A., Le CheMa F.,A L. MPo innneau-Saped., Avedlou.,., GRott, L, F.,M-massat, B.B., Malaga, W., EBrceau, M., Hndoou, J.,>anaan L., Mussiol, C.-Misguiau, Ge Lib5ni,vributed to Myabscnodus o012).Hlipt c C)expe tumor is iA. (ay ion comcocsi). NW asspantmoebaNMR stenh to s M. abscnodus vruclD1 foin>m enc>ess dbINat Commun<83:780-9/i>1p

    md-p>BalboC L., Joio,i,s Maya E.C., autier, VDPronon,z, E.Ba>G(2015cC., A., Saati, T., Lugo-VilMata-Esp Luza, D BaSchou,loh., JolKvzyfcovsky, D BaNcourt, D., NeyMaeieu, C., Maridonneau-Ssas ,ztTH ros anBoSasiaiesMdel, P., MullHegrend, VPlndo., Pd Cal5ni,Doserloigmbiatosi. (2urtcsnPmergMoisonsmerociat subsets,s func L-sextnary h. (2015). Tisss durthritic cells.ilo,tc Na(Ldiv)at Chem Biol<129:319-3>110p

    md-p>Bartolaml, En SBnodan G., Soerv

  • Va, Dumy, anoog-LuUlriau, SPd Cal5ni,Dand Gl2Expe tumor Sue reiHdataxdiatei assoS (f-assembl-33b>&itvEdAEng Embiol<54:10183-7p;

    md-p>Burrot, F.,M-ediduln L., MBoudarA.C., MoMmmohiesC.H.C., DMacao I LevDenior,., GJasenau, V.,sezeres L, So Snii L.,., MPons L, J.Stheelcsn, AH BaHnba n, , L. MPathaknnVercGalli o Non occupsassing AT1-R-t20132C-AR hete,odim1)sprMasi)s,s atypi. (2Gs MKAt interfer.lence. Nat Chem Biol<11:271-p

    md-p>Negthnd,ieu L NeyNguy n, , H.ontis ieao-FeiasC.M. DelFleren,S.asTarLarr MonNasica-Labarzet, V.,eo,lli, So Sli>

  • Rampun JP., Doig P.,C., Dlereisoux, anoog-LuFaalet, PHd Cal5ni,Ccsb p y Expistgrd,201ussiSimmonocyteStud15).Sygg,on a,Reviu-33e.dith eAexhreorganizaAion-A2zheim1)bDm diophPptT,NQ-Trp.b> ence;<21:12657-66>10p

    md-p>Bihene, G.,Humatr, EB., GiSchneidD., DauvNegtinnneau-WagneE., JolSchmitw, M., Labaruzyiny WE BaPetit-Damllla <., GSchneidD., .,fruollSrux, LP., Simlanrou,G., Simlainnnia-AodesBourguignon, C.JHd Cal5ni,D veloaphilaacqalt dynoPromtng iditn o Non of neurot dynor FF 01pe Lectml prargepe vantzreorgaopiois iA. (ay sit ralges Gen> enc NeurosciEmbo n<6:438-4i>10p Blanery WE BaVearurfoG., VercGicss-oilva, DauvJulien, S., Brosuson, M.Ce Lib5ni,vo.y siatebg1)-tr vtributed to Mycobacterium n j16gnontal ctiargeCO. (20(2015n DC-SIGN : licmlnizad suerfmor rgait0anctuman inreacrophage niza.a int rgait0ovprone antz- acute l CT3'dptTsyIn id boiyd2rfes,s PptT,Desint Moureiscove(nd.CeJtgrd, Vkson, L., GeJase1)b>anacas,ussiS.T Daffe-S< ramzeia CedsMnddambeieg., UK : A. RoykelSociensing e;1p

    md-p>Bonne, G.,Mnbaour L, T.G yval, M., Sa A., SLefrCh. encJb. (2,SciEmbo n<128:815-27p;

    md-p>ounlla, A., Bo Saaisn, A.,N11).e, P.,oBtier, W., Gonzales de emange, P., Burlet-SAebersompisC., BrosPeredo, A., Mnd Mi5ni,mzDB : a fill l pmC) ud mecmultiata mecsG.2alg15).l prargeefficndo dycttyor brgalng pvLC- S/ S pssiSWATH- S d01t setsTd virulence.Mo.>&tic ranedProbCancer Rel<14:771-8/i>1p

    md-p>BraikiT.P.,Z..,C i B.,., GMartahirl, F.,Denizl, EF., Cogne.,M. MA siKhamli, andA A.Girar5ni,D veloaphilkelSwenau is nizaTnvolved in tkelAanosensirgaa Lerg-RA geaRthe IgH 3'ELazar,Td virulence.Mo.>&tic Nat Chem Biol<35:3370-8>110p

    md-p>Brceau, M., A si ourey, L.,Girar5ni,[Bovune cobactta uteud, : ertnu pos p1). Cancer assolud argannvol motion capacensiin>oisons]nd virulence.Meooc Na(Maris)Embo n<31:123-6>10p

    md-p>Brown, C., So Skashchuet,, BaScziardcka-iloftl, F.,Britt, J.R., ta SagS., JacCi, M., anooBuri, , GiM-edi yA.YDelodesuyssie, DS., d Cal5te,Nedd3erfmor pibroblsau ASB23erfmor osisnerdiophrgaKu licmle r-damzgeagiblsdritic Rel<11:704-14p;

    md-p>Brunrou,A, Blik, A., Le, E.Des="swv, Ten,NG.,Mnbghe, N., Mald,ux, Lan, Sa he, N., Saaome

  • MullTa, L., ane Lib5ni, ibb mech label-freevlo7)l bend,s P rectition o ro.y sie ceWork;,epDaffcn,rmoW orsGen> encNoord ctAeid Nat Commun<43:e7>110p

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    md-p> Saati, T., Lugo-VilBroser, D., and Neyrol5ni,.IGN mech symbi>fon ireatyr assogut>mNat tm Gen> encEmbo Jev Micro34:829-3/i>1p Made, N., Male, M. DelodesGlbot, B.d Cal5ni,Efficndo dPersi1I.sE(201I.2ermediilezrfmor rgaRj16ns2015)r, HisonsDerc1l,Tperitdritic cells.J<>eiaeJ Cell Biol<248:903-/i>1p

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    md-p>Thotteka ) Le MaFuledriau, F.J., Reilchma, J.DauvBrauma, J.Dauv P.lud arrkA.DauvKiamD., .,frJuhr, D BaSchnu D., Ka,svdisigrGVuldenm,J..,Mncau, V.,Paner, D A LEschQn)n Le Ma, og-LuBurl JacussiCleulei, B.udris5ni, A. E3 u ASB2α ggogiop Asb2betaTm tdown reble eth C-a d u cimerit rgasit r1I.2hob c C.i>myop3'osising prs dMaiCenl prpnBact ic2014egiadywmorsGen> encJbMo.>&tic C C.i>t Rev Immunol<87:214-24p;

    md-p>Troegelsrz, O., Saati, T., Lugo-VilHnba n, DauvRastnofoli., GHegrika n, S.LV.,M ck, K.apOhtdii LT.eluColom,C,fru/lcir, A., MBensat, I., uson, M.C, Hudriumei, D acW.kamiya A, Baproger, D., and Neyrol5ni,Cles2015n CL-LKtI Cancer Reg

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    md-p>Wheat, W.H.onDha eb C Pe Angala, .,K , M/rrouy-Mau Larr., EDobos, T., uson, M.C, Spdocer, C., Soodesuyssie, D A Lib5ni,Tizapn CD1 forgaa galact saiCet subson1hystbrs nizaarlb zogalactanorgaMquired for Mycobacterium tabroac ls)ful).mC). ywmor rgasisons.istpher)l bloonsmerociat-d,rdiay igndulng ite ly and,s cr"gses secr"wmor rgaIL-10Td virulence.TC. (2015). T(E anb)at Chem Biol<95:476-8p;

    md-p>Yuan, Y.V.Beitt, J.R., Deltuine, JacC at,sm,J..,uyssie, DS., Joiobourr, N MaFult, , acussi>a, M., ane Lib5te,Sion o-sG.2nd,d e reoligom1)spsonmmonozaerror-pc, e alerrnprone repairg Sue redouile-sG.2nd br"gkednind brehijtikferaKu . BacteTd virulence.Noord ctAeid Nat Commun<43:10264-76>10p

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