8th IPBS Student Symposium

15 November 2023 9h00-20h00

Guest speakers

Molly Ingersoll, Institut Pasteur, Paris, FR
Mark Cronan, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, DE
Benjamin Schumann, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

14 November 2023

9:00 Welcome and opening remarks by Olivier NEYROLLES, Director of IPBS

Session 1: Cancer, microenvironment and treatment

9:05 Molly INGERSOLL - The impact of biological sex in the immune response in the bladder
10:05 Flash poster presentations by 2nd-year students
10:15 Poster session and coffee break
11:15 Presentations by 3rd-year students
Jerko LJUBETIC: Deciphering the role of high endothelial venules in lymphoma treated by immunotherapies
Alexia DE CARO: Efficiency of new high frequency electrical protocols for in vitro electrochemotherapy with cisplatin, bleomycin and calcium
Marine HERNANDEZ: Metabolic crosstalk between bone marrow adipocytes and prostate cancer cells: towards new pharmacological approaches in the treatment of bone metastase
Lucie GELON: Lung thrombopoiesis: regulation and function during lung inflammation
12:15 Sponsors' flash talks
12:30 Lunch break

Session 2: Infectious diseases: Tuberculosis and Malaria

14:00 Mark CRONAN - Unraveling the immune reprogramming behind the tuberculous granuloma
15:00 Presentations by 3rd-year students
Grégoire MONGIN: Exploration of common mechanisms involved in the evolution of antibiotic tolerance and in vivo persistence in tuberculosis bacilli
Tamara MIČKOVÁ: Structural and functional characterisation of new immunomodulators of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Sonia BELKAI: Identification of actors and key mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipid antigens presentation by CD1b
15:45 Flash poster presentations by 2nd-year students
15:55 Poster session and coffee break
16:55 Presentations by 3rd-year students
Chloé RIVIÈRE: Structural and functional characterisation of the Protein-O-Mannosyl Transferase from M. tuberculosis (MtPMT): a potential target of innovative therapeutic inhibitors
Martin CAMPOY: Biochemical and structural characterisation of antituberculosis activatives enzymes from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Maryam SALIM: G4 ligands as antimalarial drugs
17:40 End of the first day

15 November 2023

9:00 Welcome participants

Session 3: Analytical techniques in biochemistry and biophysics

9:05 Ben SCHUMANN - Chemical tools for the sweet side of biology
10:05 Poster session and coffee break
11:05 Presentations by 3rd-year students
Anne CALVEL: Real time analysis of electroporation phenomenon of individual cells
Zoltán UDVARDY: Development of smart acquisition methods using real-time control of instruments and machine learning
Pınar ALTINER: Evaluating phosphopeptides quantification across various acquisition methods and bioinformatic tools: novel standards and their utility in algorithm development
11:50 Closing remarks and poster prizes

8th IPBS Student Symposium