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Cancer treatment: discovery and exploitation of the selective bioactivation of pro-cytotoxic lipids by Short-chain Dehydrogenases/ Reductases

Despite high cytotoxic activity towards some…
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Innate lymphoid cells against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The role of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) during…
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Le spermatoprotéasome : un complexe enzymatique clé de la spermatogénèse

The spermatoproteasome: a key enzymatic complex in spermatogenesis

The spermatoproteasome is found exclusively in…
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JPC Cancer Cell

Cancer treatment: Identification of the blood vessels that allow killer lymphocytes to access and destroy tumors

Microscopic visualization of lymphocytes …
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La protéine BRCA1 gardienne des centromères

BRCA1, a caretaker of centromere integrity

In this study published in the journal “Cell…
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G-quadruplex ligands break DNA through trapping Topoisomerase 2 on site

In this study published in the journal eLife,…
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COVID-19: A new reliable and inexpensive serological test to improve monitoring of the pandemic

SARS-CoV-2 infected cells. ©Sébastien…
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Photographie d'une mitochondrie

How the tuberculosis bacillus takes advantage of the lipids of its host

Responsible for 1.5 million deaths a year,…
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J Marcoux

Intramolecular dialogue within the human proteasome

The proteasome is a proteolytic machinery…
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Two new molecular firefighters to extinguish bacterial septic shock

Infectious sepsis is characterized by a runaway…
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