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Cellular Imaging

MacBlue lySM 106 Smeg RFP D3 Lung 20x .jpg



Cellular imaging allows high resolution visualization of cellular and subcellular structures either in fixed or live specimens. For this purpose, our core facility offers wide field and confocal microscopy equipment to perform such type of analysis in a standard or BSL3 environment for the use of human pathogens. 



In particular, we offer the possibility to perform FLIM and FRAP techniques in live specimens using a confocal laser scanning microscope equipped with femtosecond pulsed laser and a TIRF system for high resolution imaging of subcellular structures in live cells. In addition, we make a Metamorph and Imaris image analysis software available to users and develop image analysis tools using ImageJ to automatize image quantification. Technical support, advice and training is provided by facility staff at any stage of the research project.



  • Multiphoton & confocal Zeiss 710 NLO ”Spectral” with FLIM module
  • Confocal & TIRF Olympus FV1000
  • Spinning disk Andor/Olympus in BSL3
  • Wide field Leica DMIRB