Isabelle Vergne

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Isabelle Vergne

Chargée de Recherche CNRS, HC, HDR

Cell biologist in host-pathogen interaction with a focus on lipids of  mycobacteria and phagocytes

The main objective of my current research is to understand the role of lipids in Mycobacterium tuberculosis interaction with host cells in order to propose new strategies for TB control. In particular, I am interested in degradative processes involving lysosomes such as phagosome maturation, canonical and non-canonical autophagy.

Academic background :

  • PhD in Cellular Biophysics. Supervisor: Prof. G. Lanéelle, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
  • Post-Doc/Team: M. Ehlers, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Post-Doc/Team: V. Deretic, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • Research Assitant Professor/Team: V. Deretic, University of New-Mexico, Albuquerque, USA
  • CNRS Research Scientist/Team: J. Nigou, IPBS, Toulouse, France
  • Habilitation to supervise research in Cell Biology, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Publications in the past 5 years :

  • Aceves-Sánchez MJ, Barrios-Payán JA, Segura-Cerda CA, Flores-Valdez MA, Mata-Espinosa D, Pedroza-Roldán C, Yadav R, Saini DK, de la Cruz MA, Ares MA, Bielefeldt-Ohmann H, Baay-Guzmán G, Vergne I, Velázquez-Fernández JB, Barba León J, Hernández-Pando R. (2023) BCG∆BCG1419c and BCG differ in induction of autophagy, c-di-GMP content, proteome, and progression of lung pathology in Mycobacterium tuberculosis HN878-infected male BALB/c mice. Vaccine May 8: S0264-410X(23)00489-9
  • Abeliovich H, Debnath J, Ding WX, Jackson WT, Kim DH, Klionsky DJ, Ktistakis N, Margeta M, Münz C, Petersen M, Sadoshima J, Vergne I. (2023) Editorial: Where is the field of autophagy research heading? Autophagy 23:1-6.
  • Jagannath C, McBride JW, Vergne I (2021) Editorial: The Autophagy Pathway: Bacterial Pathogen Immunity and Evasion. Front Immunol 12:768935.
  • Klionsky D, …, Vergne I, et al. (2021). Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition). Autophagy 17:1-382.
  • Bah A, Sanicas M, Nigou J, Guilhot C, Astarie-Dequeker C, & Vergne I. (2020) Lipid virulence factors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis exert a multilayered control of autophagy-related pathways in infected human macrophages. Cells 9:666.
  • Galais M, Pradel B, Vergne I, Robert-Hebmann V, Espert L, Biard-Piechaczyk M. (2019) LAP (LC3-associated phagocytosis): phagocytosis or autophagy? Médecine/Sciences 35:635-642.
  • Souriant S, Balboa L, Dupont M, Pingris K, Kviatcovsky D, Cougoule C, Lastrucci C, Bah A, Gasser R, Poincloux R, Raynaud-Messina B, Al Saati T, Inwentarz S, Poggi S, Moran EJ, Gonzalez-Montaner P, Corti M, Lagane B, Vergne I, Allers C, Kaushal D, Kuroda MJ, del Carmen Sasiain M, Neyrolles O, Maridonneau-Parini I, Lugo-Villarino G, Vérollet C (2019) Tuberculosis exacerbates HIV-1 infection through IL-10/STAT3-dependent tunneling nanotube formation in macrophages. Cell Rep 26:P3586.

Training & Teaching:

  • Master and PhD students : 19 (China, France, Ghana, Guinea, Hongria, India, Mexico, Philippines, USA)
  • Teaching, Université Paul Sabatier : 1st year Master (Biotechnologies , Biologie-Santé)

Expertise work :

  • Editor for Autophagy journal, section Bacterial Infection
  • Member of PhD committees and jurys : 15 (Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse)
  • Reviewer for funding agencies (Europe, France, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA)
  • Reviewer for international scientific journals (Nature Microbiology, Nature Communications, EMBO Journal, Journal of Leukocyte Biology …) 

Communication to the general public :

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