Junior Faculty position on Inflammation and therapeutic targets

Call for applications: Junior Professorship position
Institute of pharmacology and structural biology
CNRS-University of Toulouse, France

Topic: Inflammation and therapeutic targets

Keywords: Inflammation, multi-scale communication, pharmacology, anti-inflammatory molecules
Duration: 3 to 5 years
Scientific theme: Pharmacology, Physiopathology
Deadline: April 14 2023

Host laboratory: Institute of pharmacology and structural biology (IPBS)

The IPBS is one of the most advanced and innovative French centres in the field of characterisation, targeting and treatment of pathological inflammation associated with diseases. The IPBS is developing a comprehensive research programme that focuses on the fundamental understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of inflammation (immunology and pathophysiology), molecular screening, analysis and structural characterisation of compounds, drug candidates and target/compound complexes, biological chemistry and pharmacology (in collaboration with several chemistry laboratories), as well as preclinical development and personalised medicine through animal models and the development of patient organoids from various affected tissues.

Field of research: Inflammation and therapeutic targets

Inflammation is a normal, regulated immune process that responds to external (e.g., pathogens or allergens) and internal (e.g., trauma and tissue damage) danger signals and contributes to tissue control and repair. When inflammation is dysregulated and self-perpetuating, it becomes chronic and can lead to various diseases. Understanding the cellular and molecular modalities of the deregulation of inflammation specific to each pathology is a crucial issue that holds out the prospect of characterising new therapeutic targets for diseases whose prevalence is increasing rapidly. The CNRS wishes to recruit a young high-level scientist capable of proposing and developing a fundamental research project on the mechanisms of inflammation encompassing multi-scale approaches (intercellular and inter-tissue communications) that could lead to new therapeutic perspectives for infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases or the tumour microenvironment.

Teaching duties (42 hours/year)
The recruited junior professor will be involved in the training of students from the 3rd year of the Life Sciences Licence by proposing a thematic project on inflammation as part of the teaching unit (UE) “Multidisciplinary thematic projects”. He/she will especially participate in various Master 2 level courses concerning inflammation, in particular in Biomolecular Sciences: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets of the Biotechnologies Master (Scientific analysis and communication and Thematic workshop). Other Master 2 training may offer courses depending on the skills of the recruited junior professor, such as the Cancerology or Microbiota, Metabolism and Nutrition courses of the Biology-Health Master’s programme and the Immunology, Immunopathology and Infections course of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Master’s programme.

The package includes the salary of the recruited junior professor and a starting package funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche for hiring personnel and purchasing consumables and small equipment, in addition to other internal resources (small equipment, personnel and free access to platforms) to be discussed. At the end of the contract, the junior professor is expected to be recruited as CNRS research director.

Contact for more information: Olivier Neyrolles (Olivier.Neyrolles@ipbs.fr), Isabelle Saves (Isabelle.Saves@ipbs.fr)

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Junior Faculty position on Inflammation and therapeutic targets