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Phagocyte architecture and dynamics

Christel Vérollet and Renaud Poincloux

Group Leaders

Our team combines cutting-edge techniques in optical and electron imaging, material science, cell mechanics and intra-vital imaging to elucidate how phagocytes, in particular macrophages and osteoclasts, interact with the extracellular matrix, to decipher the mechanisms of macrophage 3D migration and investigate how HIV-1 manipulates phagocyte cell-to-cell spread.

Macrophages are innate immune cells that maintain tissue homeostasis and immune surveillance in all tissues, but are also involved in disease progression (such as chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer). A therapeutic strategy is thus to limit tissue infiltration of pathogenic macrophages.


Using intravital microscopy, our team revealed that macrophages use the mesenchymal mode of migration to infiltrate dense tumors and that inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases both decreased the number of tumor-associated macrophages and tumor growth (Gui et al. 2018 Cancer Immunol. Res.). Podosomes are cell adhesion structures involved in the degradation of the extracellular matrix and the mesenchymal migration of macrophages. They are composed of a submicron core of actin filaments surrounded by a ring of integrin-based adhesion complexes.

Thanks to a method that we called protrusion force microscopy, we demonstrated that podosomes generate protrusive forces that are proportional to the stiffness of the extracellular matrix (Labernadie et al. 2014 Nat. Commun.; Proag et al. 2015 ACS Nano), and involve a balance of forces between core protrusion and a traction at the adhesion ring (Bouissou et al. 2017 ACS Nano). We also developed a device combining microchannels and pillars and reported that forces are redirected from inwards to outwards with increased cell confinement (Desvignes et al. 2018 Nano Letters).


We showed that the HIV-1 protein Nef modulates the migration of macrophages both in vitro and in vivo, and favors virus dissemination by enhancing the mesenchymal migration and by modulating podosome structure and function (Vérollet et al. 2015 Blood). In addition, we observed that osteoclasts are productively infected by HIV-1. The virus strongly alters podosome organization in osteoclasts, leading to enhanced bone resorption activity (Raynaud-Messina et al. 2018 PNAS USA). These observations likely explains macrophage accumulation in several tissues of HIV-1 infected patients and why they suffer from osteolysis. Macrophages are also the main host cells for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). In the context of tuberculosis, we reported that macrophage mesenchymal migration is enhanced, and associated with an accumulation of Mtb-permissive macrophages in lungs (Lastrucci et al. 2015 Cell Research). More recently, we showed that, in tuberculosis microenvironment, the formation of tunneling nanotubes (TNT) by macrophages is increased. When these macrophages are subsequently infected by HIV-1 the virus spread between cells using TNT and the lectin Siglec-1/CD169. These mechanisms could explain how tuberculosis enhances HIV-1 pathogenesis in co-infected patients (Souriant et al., 2019 Cell Rep; Dupont et al., 2020 eLife).  


Main Publications

Dupont M et al. (2020). Tuberculosis-associated IFN-I induces Siglec-1 on tunneling nanotubes and favors HIV-1 spread in macrophages. Elife 30;9.


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Scanning electron micrography of human monocyte-derived macrophages (pink) that have infiltrated a thick layer of Matrigel® (grey) for 72h. 
They degrade the extracellular matrix and dig tunnels.

© Renaud Poincloux



Fabrice Dumas

Associate Professor - University of Toulouse
Arnaud Labrousse

Arnaud Labrousse

Associate Professor in Cellular Biology - University of Toulouse

Véronique Le Cabec

CNRS Research associate
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini

INSERM Research director

Brigitte Raynaud-Messina

CNRS Research associate

Research assistants

Arnaud Métais


Post-doctoral fellows

PhD students

Claire Bigot

Fellow of 80'prime program

Ophélie Dufrançais

Fellow of Toulouse University

Rémi Mascarau

Fellow of Toulouse Cancer Santé Fondation

Perrine Verdys

Fellow of Toulouse University



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Highlighted in Research highlights, Nature Rev Mol Cell Biol (2010) 11(4):231


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Ophélie Dufrancais receives the 2022 MINERVA trophies from the F•INICIATIVAS Foundation.



Claire Bigot and Javier Rey Barroso received a prize for their oral and poster presentations, respectively, during the 8th Meeting of the Invadosome Consortium.



Ophélie Dufrançais est lauréate 2022 du Prix Jeune Chercheur pour sa présentation lors des 22èmes Journées Françaises de Biologie des Tissus Minéralisés.



Rémi Mascarau est lauréat 2022 du Prix Jeune Chercheur de la Fondation des Treilles.



English video version of our recent study describing how the tuberculosis bacillus takes advantage of host lipids to subvert the macrophage metabolic state published in Cell Reports.





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Frédéric Lagarrigue was awarded the "Premier Prix Jeune Chercheur" from the Fonroga Foundation !





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Our article (Souriant S et al., 2019) published in @CellReports was highlighted in Editor's Choice in @sciencemagazine (April 26th, issue #6438). Great boost for the paper and the health issue we are addressing: co-infection with tuberculosis and AIDS !





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