November 2022 – Cédric Fabre was awarded by the Fonroga Foundation for his Master’s internship.

July 2022 – Thibaut Sanchez obtained the support of the ARC Foundation for cancer research for the financing of his fourth year of doctorate.

June 2022 – Marianna Plozza obtained a competitive 3-year doctoral scholarship from the Toulouse Graduate School of Cancer Aging and Rejuvenation (CARe).

April 2022 – Thibaut Sanchez received a travel grant from the French Society of Cellular Biology to attend the “8th meeting of the Invadosome Consortium: Pushing the frontiers of cellular adhesion and invasion”, held in Sète in October 2022.

October 2020 – Frédéric Lagarrigue has received the ATIP-Avenir label, which supports and enables talented young researchers to launch their own research team.

October 2019 – Thibaut Sanchez has received financial support from the National League Against Cancer for a 3-year doctoral scholarship.

July 2019 – Frédéric Lagarrigue received the first young researcher prize from the Fonroga Foundation.

November 2012 – Frédéric Lagarrigue received the Fernand Caujolles prize from the Academy of Sciences, Inscriptions and Beautiful Letters of Toulouse.