Student training & Career development

One of the main objectives of the IPBS is to train the next generation of young scientists, addressing the currently unmet need for researchers with an interdisciplinary perspective essential to tackle the challenges of cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases, from the molecular and structural to the whole organism level.

Fostering the next generation of leading scientists with multidisciplinary expertise, and providing our students and postdoctoral fellows, of all nationalities, with an ideal set of tools, career development plans and exposure to various environments, thereby building the foundations for their involvement in tomorrow’s academia and industry, is among our top priorities.

The training consists of a doctoral research and transferable skills training program, short stays/ secondments with other partners, progress reports, journal clubs and open events, many of them organised by the PhD students themselves, as well as local courses and participation in national and international conferences. For example, each year, third year doctoral students organize a popular event, the “IPBS Student Symposium”, during which they invite two world renowned leaders to give a keynote speech, and which gives them the opportunity to both present their work and gain experience in organizing scientific events, including fundraising with public and private partners. Furthermore, our active and international PhD and postdoc community can implement its own initiatives through the PhD and postdoc representatives at the IPBS Laboratory Council and at the Institute’s Scientific and Technological Orientation and Animation Committee.

From the moment they arrive at the Institute and throughout their stay, students are accompanied not only by their scientific supervisors, but also by mentors who guide them in their development and provide food for thought for their career choices. By becoming IPBS alumni, our students and postdocs gain not only expertise and know-how, but also independence and an important set of complementary skills that will accompany them throughout life.

In partnership with Horizons Unleashed Ltd., the IPBS offers its doctoral students personalised coaching for soft skills training throughout their time at the Institute. These include leadership
and career development techniques, “getting hired” best practices and communication skills, among others.
It is our greatest wish that our students are best prepared to pursue their careers in the most constructive and harmonious way possible, whether in the academic or private sector