Scientific Advisory Board

The missions of the Scientific Advisory Board are to:

  • advise the Director and Executive Board on the scientific policy of the Institute and public relations;
  • advise the Director and Executive Board on strategic aspects relating to the life cycle of research teams (creation, modification of research orientations, transition, etc.);
  • assess the scientific projects conducted by each research team at the Institute.
Previously chaired by Prof. Mina J. Bissell, the Scientific Council is now co-chaired by Prof. Sabine Ehrt and Dr. Eric Solary.

Frederick W. Alt

Harvard Medical School
 Boston, MA, USA

Patrick Couvreur

Institut Galien Paris-Saclay
Orsay, France

Sabine Ehrt

Weill Cornell Medical College, 
New York, NY, USA

Wolf-Dietrich Hardt

Zurich, Switzerland

Kathryn Lilley

Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge, UK

Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou

Institut Curie, Paris, France

David G. Russell

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA

Rajan Sankaranarayanan

Centre for Cellular
and Molecular Biology
Hyderabad, India

Eric Solary

Institut Gustave Roussy 
Villejuif, France

Honorary member

Mina J. Bissell

Lawrence Berkeley 
National Laboratory
 Berkeley, CA, USA