Governance of the laboratory

The Intitute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (IPBS-Toulouse) is led by Dr. Olivier Neyrolles, Director of the laboratory. He is assisted by Prof. Catherine Muller and Prof. Fabrice Dumas, Deputy directors, and Mrs. Mylène Martin, General Secretary.

Picture of Catherine Muller
Catherine Muller

Deputy director

Picture of Fabrice Dumas
Fabrice Dumas

Deputy director

Picture of Mylène MArtin
Mylène MArtin

General Secretary

The management team is supported by Ms. LINDA JALABERT, Assistant to the Director.

The Executive board is assisted by several committees:

  • the Assembly of Team Leaders
  • the Laboratory Council
  • the Scientific and Technological Orientation and Animation Committee (COAST)
  • the Committee for valorisation, relations with industry and the clinic (CoVALO)

Assembly of team leader

The Assembly of Team Leaders is responsible for advising the Executive board on matters related to the scientific management of the unit, promoting synergy between teams and technological platforms, and ensuring consistency in the acquisition and use of common resources. They also participate in the development and implementation of the health and safety policy and working conditions within the Institute.

Laboratory Council

The Laboratory Council is responsible for advising the Executive board on various matters related to the internal regulations, research programs, budget, human resources management, research contracts, technology transfer policy, dissemination of scientific information, training through research, and safety measures. The Council also considers the opinions of relevant evaluation bodies and the National Scientific Research Committee sections. Additionally, the Council oversees the organization and operation of the unit and validates the health and safety action plan after risk assessment.

The Scientific and Technological Orientation and Animation Committee (COAST) has a mission to promote cohesion among IPBS teams thematically and technologically, promote research outside the laboratory, and make proposals for the recruitment of new teams and members. They are also responsible for organizing periodic events such as journal clubs, progress reports, seminars, and thematic retreats.

The Committee for valorisation, relations with industry and the clinic (CoVALO) is responsible for promoting the valorisation of the work carried out by IPBS teams through pre-maturation and maturation stages, patent applications, licenses, and the creation of start-ups. The CoVALO also provides scientific monitoring to identify projects with high potential for valorisation and offers transitional funding. In addition, the CoVALO identifies funding and support structures for commercialization and transfer activities such as SATTs, incubators, and business incubators.