Research support & Services

Research support services play an essential role within the IPBS by providing expertise in the fields of international cooperation, industrial and clinical partnerships, IT systems, and communication, and by ensuring the optimal management, administration, general organization, and logistics of the Institute.

Administration, financial affairs & human resources

The service is in charge of all kinds of administrative issues. It assists the Executive Board in making overall management decisions. It provides management in three different yet interdependent areas: human resources, financial affairs and implementation, and monitoring research grants.

The Communication and Scientific Outreach department communicates CNRS policy to both internal (to facilitate interactions between scientists) and external (to bring the scientists and the Institute into contact with different groups, e.g., citizens, decision-makers, and associations) audiences.

The computing staff ensure the smooth running of the computing facility (network infrastructures and services, database servers, backup and virtualization servers), provide users at the IPBS with help and advice, and are involved in IT research, development, and security.