IT system

Picture of Laurent Bardi
Laurent Bardi

Head of IT service

The computing staff ensure the smooth running of the computing facility (network infrastructures and services, database servers, backup and virtualization servers), provide users at the IPBS with help and advice, and are involved in IT research, development, and security.

IPBS IT Services provide IT infrastructure, services and support to the IPBS scientific community and administration. Our mission is to empower our users by providing a state-of-the-art, affordable and easy-to-use IT environment.

The IT facility includes three fulltime employees who run the IT infrastructure, offer computational support, carry out technological monitoring, and develop new applications on demand.

The various activities of the service include:

  • “Everyday” IT work: software installation and management,
  • Network management from the wire,
  • User support: advice, troubleshooting, training,
  • Software licensing.

We play an active role in the regional security group, to raise the awareness of users and other IT managers on basic security issues and to improve their practices, particularly regarding the implementation.