Communication & Scientific outreach

Picture of Françoise Viala
Françoise Viala

Head of Communication and Scientific outreach

 The Communication and Scientific Outreach office communicates CNRS policy to both internal (to facilitate interactions between scientists) and external (to bring the scientists and the Institute into contact with different groups, e.g., citizens, decision-makers, and associations) audiences.

The Communication and Scientific Outreach office is dedicated to developing and implementing the communication strategy of the IPBS, to carrying out scientific outreach work and to communicating the cutting-edge science and innovative research programs.

Mission &

The missions of the office include:

  • Producing written communication material (articles in newspapers, internal newsletters, press releases, brochures, booklets, flyers), and visual or audiovisual material.
  • Organizing institutional events (exhibitions, trade fairs, press conferences, etc.). Contacting, liaising with, and coordinating the various partners at national or international levels (researchers, faculty, institutions, associations, professionals, charities, etc.).
  • Communication in the context of International Year manifestations (e.g., 2011– Chemistry; 2013 – Crystallography; 2015 – Light; 2021 – Biology).
  • Communication relating to events connected with subjects studied in the Institute (e.g., March 21st – World TB Day; Pink October- Breast Cancer Awareness; 2022- 6th Global Forum on TB Vaccines).

In this context, we:

  • organize exhibitions,
  • organize and manage events for the public and laboratory visits for our partners,
  • are present on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Media & Social networks

IPBS provides high-quality information and advice to the media on research and technological developments and their societal, health, and environmental impacts.

We organize events with the general public to promote critical thinking and the scientific approach through exchanges and debates between scientists and citizens.

Exhibitions & Conferences

We create exhibitions on the research conducted at the IPBS and offer conferences and meetings between researchers and the public.