Scientific and Technological Orientation and Animation Committee

The Scientific and Technological Orientation and Animation Committee is composed of 10 members from among researchers, technicians/engineers, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers. It is proposed by the Directorate and approved by the Assembly of Team Leaders and the Laboratory Council.

The mission of the Committee is to reinforce the cohesion between the IPBS teams. The committee is responsible for the scientific animation: Journal clubs, Progress reports, Seminars, Thematic retreats (scientific or technological), Doctoral students symposium. 

In addition, the Committee acts as a “think tank” for the Directorate: it participates in strengthening collaborative projects between IPBS teams. The committee helps the Directorate to identify original inter-team projects that could be the object of seed funding. The Committee also makes proposals and is consulted for the drafting of calls new team leaders, and participates, with the Head of the International Cooperation and ad hoc interview committees, in the evaluation of recruitment files and in the interviews of candidates.The Committee is consulted for the recruitment of new teams and new members of the Institute. 


Camille Attané
Carine Froment
Linda Jalabert
Emilie Layre
Emma Lefrançais
Julien Marcoux
Emmanuelle Näser
Marie-Jeanne Pillaire
Yoann Rombouts
Catherine Tardin
Françoise Viala