Scientific integrity

Scientific Integrity results from adherence to professional values and principles when acquiring, reporting and applying scientific data. The IPBS is committed to rigorous, straightforward and transparent scientific practices.


Andrew Atkinson
A. Amine Khamlichi
Florence Larminat
Emma Lefrançais
Virginie Nahoum


The Committee provides IPBS staff with the tools and procedures that define the principles of Scientific Integrity and ensures compliance with these principles.

Areas of work

  • Promotion of the fundamental principles of Scientific Integrity within IPBS
  • Organization of conferences on the principles of Scientific integrity
  • Support in reporting and handling cases of suspected scientific misconduct

Actions to date

  • Links to resources for information and online training regarding Scientific Integrity through IPBS intranet website 
  • Seminars by:
    Remy Mosseri, CNRS Scientific Integrity referent (2019)
    Elisabeth Bik: “The dark side of science: misconduct in biomedical research” (2021)

Current and future actions

  • Include Scientific Integrity guidelines in the Welcome Booklet for new staff
  • Seminar by Caroline Strube (CNRS Mission for Scientific Integrity): training activities including conference + practical workshops for young researchers ( 2023)
  • Interactions with other laboratories in Toulouse